Why Your Business must Have a UPS System ?


With the advancement of modern innovations, and people getting more technology savvy, it seems that we are prepared for anything like ransomware and phishing attacks. However, there are many other threats that your business and data may encounter, such as power interruptions. For this, you need a UPS system to protect your business against coverage loss and data loss; thus, saving your business.

What does a UPS do?

The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system works as a stopgap for the main power source and the backup power. A business that uses a generator or a powerful battery backup will need to wait for several minutes for the system to work and draw power from an alternate source after losing the main power source. In banks, hospitals, research facilities, and other critical settings, those crucial moments must be dealt with immediately. The purpose of the UPS is to address these problems by providing a surge of much-needed power and responding instantly.

The computer systems in your workplace face different challenges every day, which can be damaging if you do not do anything about it. The following are some ways that a UPS system can safeguard your computers.

  • Brownouts

When they occur, there is a drop in the voltage, and it can be destructive. You will still have power during a brownout, but only a little of it. It can last from minutes to hours. A brownout may seem harmless, but it can ruin computers and electronic devices within minutes.

  • Power surges

These are the opposites of brownouts. A surge is an increase in power, while a brownout is a decrease of it. Power surges are short-lived but can cause serious damage to appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators.

  • Blackouts

These happen when the power system sustains a total crash caused by the inconsistency in the electricity generation. At times, it is a shutdown controlled to a specific area, and sometimes it is a complete blackout.

  • Spikes

These are usually temporary flare-ups in the electric current brought about by lightning. Another reason for the sudden increase in voltage is during the restoration of power after a blackout. This is because the current takes some time to normalise again. Your electronics could experience adverse effects if they are plugged in during a spike.

  • Noise disturbance

It happens when there is interference between a generator and lighting. This unwanted disturbance can cause computer malfunctions as well as corrupt files.

If you are working in a rural hospital field office or other areas with unstable power supplies, having a UPS system can keep the power level during spikes and dips from the main power source. In such cases, the UPS has a vital role in filling the gaps and giving short bursts of power before things get back to normal.

Even though a total loss of electricity is what you should be afraid of because of its harmful effects, a slight voltage spike or sag can also cause serious effects on your electrical equipment if you are not using proper protection. For this, it is essential to invest in a UPS system and install efficient surge suppression. By using the right UPS for your company, you can prevent damages and malfunctions as you protect your equipment from those power anomalies.

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