10 Best Alternative Dropbox Clients for Mac?

Dropbox is known as one of the most prevalent cloud storage services. This is really one of the services almost everyone can name off the top of their head, but it is far from the top cloud storage provider there. If Dropbox is not for you, then these 10 Dropbox options might be.

This is the father of cloud storage solutions, but in case you have never heard of it, you can check out our What is Dropbox guide once you crawl out from under the swing you have been living. Although Dropbox is a good enough cloud storage service, exclusively when it comes to syncing files, secure file sharing and document association, its absence of advanced features, and incomplete free storage space leave a lot to be chosen.

If you make use of Dropbox on Mac, you have probably been angry with its app at some time. The application is a resource hog, it continues requesting for your Mac password to update, and it does not back M1 Macs natively thus far. Certainly, it runs on M1 Macs via Rosetta 2, but the absence of native support directs to extremely high CPU usage and battery drain.

Until Dropbox sends an innate Mac client, you can either move to further cloud storage service, or you can seek for other Dropbox clients for Mac. If you selected the last route, we – BloggingCoffe are here to help to make the evolution smooth.

10 Best Alternative Dropbox Clients for Mac book :

1. Strongsync
2. Transmit
3. Maestral
4. Mountain Duck 3
5. CloudMounter
6. Icedrive
7. NordLocker
8. Box
9. Backblaze
10. SpiderOak

1. Strongsync:

This alternative Dropbox permits you access numerous cloud storage services on your Mac. Each of these services is mounted as a network drive on your Mac, which forms it easy to access right from Finder. If you are searching for a native app that permits you sync folders from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Sharepoint, then Strongsync fits the bill quite well. Strongsync comes with a free trial for a week. If you wish to last using the app after that, it costs $50.

2. Transmit:

Transmit is an excellent FTP application that also permits you access Dropbox. This is a boundless alternative to accessing Dropbox from a web browser, but not truly an additional for the official Dropbox client. If you make use of Dropbox to upload and download files but not to synchronize them across devices, then this app is perfect for you.

No one is going to buy Transmit just to access Dropbox, but it is an advantageous tool to have on your Mac if you upload files to innumerable services, such as OneDrive, Backblaze B2, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc. This is a native application on the Mac and will spend less resources than browser tabs open with the cloud service of your choice. This Dropbox alternative costs $45 for a single-user license, but it is free for a 7-day free trial. If you use it longer, then this Dropbox alternative costs $45.

3. Maestral:

This is a free, and open-source Dropbox client for Mac. This alternative Dropbox natively supports M1 Macs and will synchronize your files and folders with unequivocally no fuss. It runs quietly with nominal resource consumption on the old Intel MacBooks, which forms it idyllic for anyone who makes use of Dropbox. If you are technically apt, then you can make use of this best Dropbox alternative by the command line interface. It is advantageous if you wish to further lessen its resource footprint, but the GUI client is light too. Accordingly, this should not be a problem for most people.

As good as the app is, this is not for everyone because it does not support some Dropbox features. For instance, it does not support transporting only the parts of a file that have changed, so if you make changes, then the app will have to download or upload the entire file again, which forms it consume more bandwidth than the official Dropbox client. It also lacks support for managing Dropbox teams, or shared folder settings.

4. Mountain Duck 3:

The app comes with a few good features that form it worth considering as a Dropbox client. It does not necessitate the admin rights to install, therefore if Dropbox’s password urges to update have been receiving to you, this app will suit you a lot better. It also shows you which files have been synced and which ones have not with neat icons.

The Dropbox alternative application also lets you to copy the URL of your files for quick sharing, which is a big feature for a lot of people. Its use of the context menu is one of its top features. You may leave a Right-Click to any file/folder and pick the app to access advantageous features such as copying the URL, downloading files, reloading them, etc.

The best Dropbox alternative costs $39 and supports numerous cloud storage services, as well as Google Drive and OneDrive. You can check its features for free with a two-week trial.

5. CloudMounter: 

The Dropbox alternative links cloud storage accounts like Google Drive to your Mac’s Finder, letting you to treat them like regular, local drives. You can drag, drop, search, and access your files, and it does not inevitably synchronize them to your local drive, which is boundless if you need access to files on Dropbox’s servers but are little on storage space. This best Dropbox alternative translates your files to confirm their security, and you can also share any file or folder by copying its Dropbox link to the clipboard via a circumstantial menu alternative.

6. Icedrive:

This alternative Dropbox has countless features such as intuitive interface design, file synchronization options, and Fort-Knox-like security. One of Icedrive’s top features is its cloud storage and physical hard drive integration. This forms cloud storage feel like a physical hard drive, where no syncing is required nor any bandwidth is spent.

Mounting the cloud+physical storage is easy. You may download the desktop software, then get an access and accomplish your cloud storage space as if it were a physical hard disk or USB stick directly in your operating system. This presents a big 10 GB free plan, and 3 premium plans; Lite, Pro, and Pro+.

7. NordLocker:

This is an endwise encrypted cloud storage service accessible on Windows and macOS. It is developed by Nord Security. NordLocker make use of a firm zero-knowledge policy and is powered by advanced encryption. To guarantee absolute safety to your data, only the most revolutionary ciphers and elliptic-curve cryptography is operated with EdDSA, XChaCha20, and plus Argon2, Poly1305, and AES256. One can get 3 GB storage space on free plan. The annual price is about $3.99/per month for 500 GB of storage, if you do not like to commit for a complete year.

8. Box:  

This is a cloud storage service intended for businesses and cooperative team members. It provides dozens of tools and features to advance your workflow and simply cooperate with others in your team. It is made for collaboration. The free plan offers 10 GB storage space. This only offers one paid plan for individuals, which offers 100 GB storage for $10 per month. Their starter business plan needs a minimum of 3 users.

9. Backblaze: 

This is an important computer backup and cloud storage company. With lots of gigabytes of supported data, this appears as one of the best Dropbox options around. Even on their free trial, they offer you unrestrained data storage to back up your computer.

Setting up and using Backblaze is bewilderingly simple. The backup process begins automatically, and you do not have to elect files discretely. Backblaze backup tool operates in the background, uploading your data to the cloud speedily. This offers three plans. The Personal Backup that is perfect for individuals offers you unlimited storage at just $6 per month and has a 15-day free trial.

10. SpiderOak:

This is a set of cloud storage apps for businesses. Although their service is made for businesses, they offer a cloud storage backup service. The greatest part about SpiderOak is that their apps are built with privacy and security. Dissimilar to other services on this list, this does not offer plans that are free. This offers a 21-day free trial. Their starter plan offers 150 GB storage space for $6 per month.

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