11 Best Proxy Servers To Help You Web Surf Anonymously

Hiding personal IP addresses while internet browsers may be pretty useful. It means staying incognito, safeguarding personal data, or unblocking geographically banned information.

It’s why experts usually advocate using a VPN to disguise their IP address when browsing the sites given.


What are Proxy Sites?

Proxy sites function in a way analogous to that of a VPN. Hackers will reroute all information because of their servers, altering the IP address and rendering the user invisible in the meantime.

Yet, there are drawbacks to using free proxy sites. Some of them should preserve records on who uses their product. So, while the IP address may be masked from the website users visit, the authorities and the internet provider would still be able to examine the surfing activity.


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The Best Proxy Sites


1. ProxySite


ProxySite has been one of the top proxies known on the web all around. It does have a beautiful concept and a slick UI, and it’s really easy to start it up and view whatever website with that as well.

If the website users visit lacks an SSL cert (which is critical for customer protection), ProxySite will secure the connection with SSL. Having 36 servers to choose from, consumers are sure to find what works for them.

To just not add that ProxySite is relatively quick and completely independent at using.



2. Hide.me


Hide.me takes pleasure in providing its customers with greater privacy and security. They provide an extremely stable server that uses all of the common data encryption and a few more examples available on the sites.

Above everything, they do not maintain any user information logs.

Hide.me also includes Google and Mozilla addons, so as a VPN, Hide.me addresses the fundamentals while also making the browsing completely hidden.



3. Whoer


Whoer is not really a totally free proxy service that anybody may use. This free app of Whoer is even more fundamental than the other two mentioned aspects.

Whoer’s distinguishing feature is its accessibility. It is available as a Google, Firefox, Explorer, and Yandex web browser. However, if it doesn’t interest to business, they propose either the proxy on our site or complimentary VPNs.



4. CroxyProxy


CroxyProxy has a catchy title, an excellent free edition, and it’s really simple to be using. And also has the previously mentioned advantages, such as better security with persistent SSL encryption, irrespective of whether the page you’re viewing has a license or otherwise.



5. EverProxy


4EverProxy is an excellent all-purpose proxies website. To begin with, it is among the few servers on our listing that really can visit Video content. It will not assist that one’s design appears to be in the twenty-first century. Furthermore, 4EverProxy has a huge database server (11 to be exact) and is relatively fast.

Users concerned about privacy and security will appreciate 4EverProxy’s customizable possibilities. As with most proxies, one may secure URLs, disable caches, and even script.


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6. Privoxy


Privoxy operates on a non-profit basis, so you can anticipate engineers who are concerned about confidentiality. However, there are certain drawbacks to this. Every new interface of Privoxy has been out of order, and one should constantly update their application to utilize it.

It offers better security measures, allows for versatile customization, and can even be used on cross networks. Not to add, Privoxy includes its browser extensions, making it an excellent solution for privacy-conscious consumers.



7. TurboHide


TurboHide joins our list of VPNs with a dreadful user interface. It does not have its logo, and the images for popular platforms are relatively old. On top of that, they just have one site, so there’s not much customization accessible.



8. VPNBook


VPNBook is a no-cost VPN and proxy service. It’s a highly secure IP switcher that employs 256-bit SSL encryption. Not to add that VPNBook is relatively quick, especially in contrast to other VPNs.

However, their server selection is limited; you may select a proxy from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, or an arbitrary server. However, that is still enough then one would otherwise find with other VPNs on the website.



9. NewIPNow


NewIPNow’s business model differs from what one has seen thus far. It’s a premium service with no free plan, and it’s divided into levels.

And a slew of other advantages. Add a slick design, no speed limits, and a myriad of sites to pick from (from all over the world), and you have a pretty strong proxies site.



10. FilterBypass


FilterBypass plays a specific role. It’s a free proxy service that allows you to bypass regional limitations on films. It includes quick links to popular websites such as Facebook, Streaming services, Dailymotion, Youtube, and many others.

There is also a Chrome and Firefox addon available.

FilterBypass is also incredibly simple to use and cross-platform, allowing you to watch movies from anywhere on your device. Because it only has two servers in the UK and the US, onw would be able to view most video material if you utilize FilterByPass.

The vast majority of the limitations do not apply to such nations.



11. KProxy


KProxy is a typical free proxies site. It’s free to use, offers a good number of servers, links to prominent websites, and an excellent overall UI.

The developer makes a bold promise that all websites will function with the proxy. However, they couldn’t honestly evaluate this because we don’t understand where each server is located.


A web proxy works by masking personal identification (hiding actual IP address) and serving as a go-between for the laptop, and the site users wish to visit. The machine will seek access to websites and through proxies, following which it would be filtered.

Using some proxy server, a visitor can gain network access that would otherwise be unreachable. So those webpages at the workplace that one is frequently denied access to nowadays are fair game.

That’s also applicable for sites that are restricted in colleges and by the ISP.

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