7 Best ways to make your room Spacious

Do you feel sick and tired of feeling claustrophobic in your condominium? Maybe you’re starting to realize that your small space is starting to feel unlivable. 

Whatever it is that you’re struggling with right now. It can get worse.  A small space can get easily cramped up with clutter. At some point, it’ll feel confining and uncomfortable. 

It doesn’t just have the power to annoy you, it clutters your mind and affects your mood. This, in turn, affects your productivity and overall quality of life. 

On the other hand, living in a spacious room just offers a sense of calm. Most of the time living in a spacious room can cause more natural light into the apartment spreading throughout the home. This makes living in that created space a more vibrant and positive experience. A spacious property has less clutter. This, in turn, makes it more attractive. 

Although, having a spacious room seems more advantageous compared to a small living space. Having a small living space isn’t too bad. It offers a couple of advantages in itself.

For one, you’ll spend less time cleaning and organizing. A small room means a smaller space to clean and organize. Living in a small space also means you’ll save more money due to lower rent, or minimal need for expensive furniture. 

The thing is, if you’re worried about feeling claustrophobic about your small room, you can always look for styling strategies to make it look and feel more spacious. 

Here are some of the ways you can do to make your small room feel more spacious.

1. Purge

No, I don’t mean the American media franchise. What I mean is, get rid of all the things that don’t spark joy. Everyone has a little junk just lying around the house. If you have a small space, that junk is making your space even smaller.

With all these clutter lying around, you’ll start to feel out of control. The mess surely causes stress. Hence, purging the junk in your living space is the first most basic step to making your home look spacious. 

I know, some of this clutter is what we call “sentimental clutter”. Meaning, these are things that you’ve attached feelings and memories to but are cluttering and making your cabinets overflow.  But the past is not the present, and you need to make space for the things that matter to you most now. 

2. Be minimalist

Don’t go overboard with fancy furniture that takes massive space. A small space must be clean and simple. Cleanroom helps you sleep better, and nothing beats the beauty of simplicity.

Remember that the more possessions and the bolder the furniture you have, the more cluttered it will be. Avoid using furniture that is too big,  if you are planning to buy a sofa please don’t, it will make your room look smaller. Purchase a chair rather than a bulky sofa.

3. Make your wall  brightly colored 

Do not paint your room with dark colors like blue or red. Dark color paint or wallpapers l absorb brightness. This, in turn, will make your room look smaller.

Instead of dark colors,  use a lighter color, such as white or light blue, they’ll make your mood lighter. You’ll start to have a fresher, more calm feeling.

Also, try to paint your ceiling as well. It makes your room look bigger. It’s because anything that leads your eye to look upwards gives an illusion that your room looks bigger.

4. Use multifunctional furniture or hidden storage

Use things that can be tucked in. Baskets and boxes are perfect for keeping things, removing clutter  and making space.You can use a bed with drawers on the bottom for additional space. Chairs with hidden compartments are also perfect for keeping small and important things. They serve as double-purpose — for sitting and for storage. It’s perfect for small living spaces! 

5. Do not  put curtains on the windows 

Blinds are considered more practical when it comes to small spaces. Use blinds instead of curtains to welcome more light in the room and provide the room with more depth. However, if you really prefer curtains, use floor-to-ceiling curtains. Doing so will make your ceiling look higher than it is. High ceilings instantly make a small room really spacious.  

6. Choose the right flooring

Vertical stripes carpet will look good on the floor, it will make your room appear longer. If not, you can opt for placing your flooring diagonally. Doing so creates an optical illusion that your space is larger than it is. 

If you prefer tiles, I suggest you use larger ones for about 16, 18 or 24-inch size.


 7. Put mirrors near windows


It will reflect the light and view. It will trick the eyes, it will look more space

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