Top 5 Most Innovative Companies in Real Estate

It is often said that change or transformation is inevitable. With the dynamic world, companies have to put in place strategies that will allow them to keep up with the changes, like being innovative.

Real estate companies, just like any other business, have to be creative to remain relevant in the market. Among these changes are digitalization and generally technological advancements. Technology is the ever-changing aspect of the world today.

The technology used two years ago to buy, sell, construct, and design property may not be suitable today. Real estate technology advancements are meant to improve the real estate market. Customers and potential investors will always be attracted to innovative, creative companies that are up to date with the current technological dynamics.

However, most people in the real estate market do not know which companies fit the above criteria. For this reason, we have compiled a list of five research-based most innovative real estate companies.

1. Bombbomb

Bombbomb helps people build relationships through video. Bombbomb is a big deal when benefiting from open rates and conversion rates through incorporating videos in email marketing campaigns. It is a software that allows sending emails with incorporated video to clients.

As earlier explained, it has nothing to do with explosives. It is an email software that allows one to send emails with pre-recorded videos to email contacts. You can use this software on multiple desktops or mobile devices (Android or IOS).

People have also asked about Bombbomb third-party integrations relevant for realtors. The more third-party integrations, the more relevant and valuable software to realtors. Bombbomb can be considered suitable for this effect as it integrates over 50 different third-party software types. They include marketing, lead generation, email, video, CRMs, automation recruitment, and sales.

Some of the CRMs that can be integrated with Bombbomb are

  • Wise Agent
  • Realvolve
  • Real estate webmasters
  • Cinc
  • FollowUp boss
  • Top producer
  • Agent locator
  • Chime
  • Sweep bright
  • Property base
  • RealGeeks

Bombbomb products and features:

  • Enterprise plan
  • Bombbomb essentials
  • Bombbomb plus

In general, Bombbomb offers the following products:

  • Email support
  • Gmail inbox recording
  • Recording live videos
  • Instant video encoding
  • Branded video landing pages
  • Unlimited video texting on a mobile

For objectivity purposes, consider the pros and cons of Bombbomb.


  • It offers multiple options of integrating third-party software for realtors such as CRMs.
  • Allows users to do email marketing and drip campaigns to a large contact group.
  • It is easy to use. Recording and sending videos to your email contacts is easy with this software.


  • It may be time-consuming, especially when customizing.
  • There is the risk of similar content being sent to your list of contacts when the team is using it.
  • Some users have complained about its limited video editing features and some trouble setting up email and video.

2. Land Voice

It is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management solution enabling businesses to acquire contact details, generates leads, and manage records. Landvoice is the leading company in providing leads for the real estate industry. It allows you to find the most accurate phone numbers for your leads. It connects sellers to real estate agents. Additionally, Landvoice takes steps to deliver quality and quantity of owner contact information such as cell phone numbers.

Other than researching phone numbers, the company allows real estate agents to spend quality time listing and selling property using the state of the art technology. The company is the top-ranking source for pre-foreclosure, old expired leads, Geo farm, call capture, and FSBO. It is considered best for real estate CRM solutions for agencies and brokers. It offers call alerts, local phone numbers, lead deliveries, DNC registry, marketing reports, and more.

Landvoice does not have a free version, and its pricing starts at $87.00 per user monthly. The company does not also offer a free trial.

Landvoice products and features:

  • Leal lists include FSBO listings, old expired listings, blanket neighborhood contact information, and pre-foreclosures-foreclosures.
  • Call capture

It assigns a toll-free number to business cards and flyers, and when the agent or broker’s number is called, they receive a pre-recorded audio message. They will then send you a text message with the customer’s contact information.


  • It does not offer an automated dialer. This means that users of this platform have to sign up for a dialer which they will have to pay for separately.
  • It may also be a little bit time-consuming as with no dialer, users will have to import the leads obtained into the selected dialer manually.
  • Users have also received why they dislike the system for reasons like the date on data or completely inaccurate data and lack of customer service.

3. Real Geeks

It is an Information/ Internet Data Exchange (IDX) provider that offers natural agents who desire to convert leads clients to custom IDX real estate web designs and websites.

The company has a mission to combine modern technology and innovative solutions to improve the real estate industry. It offers a simple, powerful, and easy-to-use software to enable real estate brokers and agents to generate more business.

It is a great and affordable all-in-one lead generation platform that will take your real estate business to the next level. It is cheaper than other platforms, with only $249 monthly for a basic package. No set costs are required, and it can only be a little expensive if you purchase some add ons on top of the basic package.

Add ons include:

  • Property valuation tool which costs an additional $50 monthly. It is an essential tool to prospective sellers as they can approximate their home’s value.
  • Facebook ad creator costs an additional $50 monthly. It allows real estate professionals to create and post Facebook ads.

Product features and offerings

  • Real Geeks IDX/MLS integrated real estate websites
  • Real Geeks CRM system
  • Real Geeks Ad campaigns
  • Real Geeks Mobile App
  • Auto-generated market reports
  • Text message autoresponder tool
  • Email marketing system
  • Home value/ seller lead generation tool


  • It may be frustrating for agents researching the best deal through comparing prices due to the lack of pricing information on the website.
  • Additional useful features are not included in the essential subscription and additional costs.
  • It may be discouraging to sign a one-year contract without first having the opportunity to use a free trial.

4. Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is an innovative real estate postcard provider. Recently it launched a creative new version of its popular postcard, which is the newest of its kind in the market. The upgraded version gives realtors the ability to customize and edit their postcard templates. The one kind solution enables realtors to promote their business more effectively by offering them the ability to customize their postcards completely.

The form-based approach allows realtors to quickly fill out postcard templates and edit any design aspect using the advanced editor. Wise Pelican offers a complete turnkey service at a very affordable price that allows realtors to create campaigns with direct mailers.

The platform includes an extensive database of templates that do not require tech-savvy to use as they are plug and play. In addition, the platform also tracks the delivery of the mailers to ensure they are received by the prospects using in-depth analytics.

Wise Pelican also offers realtors the ability to keep up with buyers’ demands by obtaining home valuations. The latest development is the next stage in the continuous development of the wise Pelican.

Currently, the company is working on providing full automation of the purchasing experience that will enable real estate agents to complete their customized postcards in seconds. The whole process of designing and sending postcards is automated hence time-saving.5.

5. Wise Agent

It is a real estate CRM that is simple smart and affordable. It is a potent all-in-one real estate CRM software combining transaction management, contact management, real estate marketing software, and lead automation. The platform allows real estate professionals to run their business entirely on one system through interaction with other leading real estate technology companies.

It allows realtors to take more on business by saving more time because of its efficiency. It is the most recommended CRM in the industry built and loved all over the US. However, they do not have a free version, but they offer free trials. The platforms’ pricing starts at $32.00 monthly.

Wise agent features:

  • Campaign management
  • Customizable reports
  • Agent management
  • Calender/reminder system
  • Document storage and management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Client/property matching
  • CRM and commission management.

However, customers have had the following complaints about the platform:

  • Instructional videos are hard to find
  • The marketing platform is a little bit outdated
  • Transaction templates are a bit complicated
  • It is a little bit overpriced as the functionalities are simple


All the reviewed real estate platforms have one thing in common; they are still relevant because they are innovative. They all embrace innovativeness, especially in the field of technology. However, before selecting the cone to use, you should look at the customer reviews to understand how customers feel about it.

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