The Most Valuable Investments For a Remote Workforce

2020 saw a drastic change in the way that people lived their lives, with more people working from home than ever before. At first, this massive shift to remote working seemed to present a cataclysmic threat to business productivity. The reality of the situation showed the work-from-home doubters’ concerns to be hugely misplaced. Many businesses have found that a remote working model increases productivity and output, which has led many companies to adopt a remote model full time. As the remote model has shown itself to be a preferable choice for the future, businesses should start to invest in this new style of working by making use of the following technological features.

IT Support

One of the most vital investments that you should make to support your remote workforce is in a managed IT solution. While the move to remote working certainly bought about a significant number of benefits for businesses, there has been one distinct downside – the lack of cybersecurity. With employees working from their homes without adequate protection, the number of cybersecurity attacks rose.


A managed IT support package from a company such as CyBerJaz will not only help you to increase the security of your remote workforce, it will also help to boost productivity rates. This is because a managed IT support solution provides your employees with access to experts who will help to fix any problems remotely. This means that you have less downtime, therefore increasing your output and productivity rates.


The Right Communication Technology

Aside from cybersecurity, the other biggest threat that comes from a remote working model is a threat to communication. Communication is key for any business, benefiting everything from innovation to customer satisfaction. Investing in communication software will enable your employees to stay up to date and connected.

To ensure that you get the most out of this investment you must find the right communication software for your businesses. You should consider how your employees work and communicate with one another and look for a technological solution that best supports this way of working.

Communication is not only important for your internal productivity rates and bottom line, it is also vital for employee wellbeing. Encouraging your remote team to stay connected and in communication with each other will help boost employee morale and reduce employee turnover.


Project Management Software

It can be a challenge to keep a remote workforce up to date and connected, and this is especially troubling for businesses that run projects. Investing in project management software is a great way to keep your remote workforce on track. Project management software allows employees to stay up to date with the progress that is being made with a project. It will also help managers to understand which staff members require a little more support and who is on track.


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing might as well have been made to support the remote workforce. Cloud computing is a must-have as it hugely increases productivity in any remote workforce. This is because the cloud allows any authorized party to access the information they need from an internet-enabled device. Even in the office, employees waste a great deal of time waiting for the information they need to be sent via email. This means that without cloud computing, remote workers could potentially be wasting hours every single week waiting for a member of staff to send over a Word document or Excel spreadsheet.

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