9 Shocking Myths About Love Chews That you won’t believe

The Love bite is a sensuous form of kissing. It is one of the love techniques that just give an incredible feeling to the giver and receiver. It is the sign to show love or passion to your partner. A kiss mark appears when someone sucks very hard on your soft skin. Mostly hickey appears on the neck but it can be anywhere on the body. When someone sucks very hard, the sucking motion lets the blood sleeps into the surrounding tissues. It prevents the blood to receive oxygen, so the blood turns into a dark looking bruise. Some guys just like to suck his partner’s neck because it is sexy and powerfully attractive.

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While some girls love hickeys to show that they are desired and just like it as a beautiful gesture. According to some facts, love bites between couples show possessiveness between them, it may also be the sign of insecurity. There is nothing like about learning a technique to give love bites to your partner it is just same like you are sucking or kissing your partner tightly but there surely there are some surprising facts about love bites that people should know about, here today, you would be amazing after knowing about that nine amazing facts about love bites.

1. Most Common Sex Injury

Love bites or hickey are the most usual sex injury. It may be seemed innocent enough but it is pretty bad because it may provide side effects. Many people don’t know but the downsides of the hickey are far more than its upsides. It causes spots on the body and breaks the capillaries under the surface of the skin that creates a lesion mark and makes it ugly. It looks like an injury and some time give the feeling of embarrassment because they are often in the shape of the mouth, so people strive to hide the hickey from the public.

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2. Cureless Hickeys

People think that there is no instant cure for love bites although it is right to some extent but there are some healing methods that can easily cure the hickeys. How to get rid of a hickey quickly and whether you can at all, will depend on the severity of the bruising. Some people get scars after getting hickey or sometimes it becomes a lesion, although there are some facts that love bites cannot heal easily but by using some tricks they can surely recover in less time. To reduce the swelling a person should stay dehydrate or eat well to speed up the recovery. Sometimes hickey may leave a normal scar that also cannot be removed immediately but it can definitely cure by using some strategies like applying Aloe Vera, using the inside of banana peel and apply a warm compress to circulate new blood properly.

Cureless Hickeys

3.Can Cause Oral Herpes

If the partner has herpes and he or she will give a love bite to his partner then it may cause an oral harpers to the receiver because in the heat of the moment, when you become busy in the sexual contact with someone who has oral herpes and if he or she give you a love bite then the chances of having oral herpes become high. It passes the oral herpes virus to the partner that then results in disappointment.

4. Iron Deficiency Make Love Bites Easier

A person with the lack of iron will get hickeys easily. If your skin turns black and blue after some action then there are chances of the low level of iron in your body. Iron is an essential component of blood so if you are in deficient of iron then you will get lesion or scars on skin easily. The lack of iron in the body may also cause another problem called anemia, but one can tackle this complication by including a high range of leafy veggies and fish in his regular diet.

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5. Can Cause Stroke

Won’t believe? But it is true! Sometime during the intimate moments, a person gets passionate and such things to happen, there was a woman in New Zealand who suffered a stroke just after her partner sucked hard on her neck. The suck was so strong that it damaged the major artery and created an unpleasant blood clot in her neck that severely resulted in a loss of movement in her left arm. Although the chances of having such situations are rare it can happen if your partner becomes extremely impassioned during sex.

6. Every Person Does Not Like Love Bites

There are many couples or people that do not like hickeys, so they crave to get hickey refused to some reasons like they do not like that someone else could see their love bites, they may feel embarrassed in some situations like if a person is not open about his relationship then it could be difficult to hide the spots of love bites from his friends. Apart from this, some people also don’t want to get pain and scars of love bites on their body, so whenever you want to give hickey first take permission from your partner so he or she can be aware of the pain and love mark.


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7.  Love Bites Are Common In Animal Domain

An amazing fact about love bites is they are not only common among people but also in animals. According to the Havelock Ellis (a Physiologist) research, it has come out that the male mammals persistently nibbled at female’s mammal neck during mating. It has mentioned in the academic journal studies in the phycology of sex.

8. Love Bites Are Mentioned In Kama Sutra

One of the interesting facts about love bites, is they have been mentioned in the Kama Sutra. Many people don’t know that Kama Sutra has named hickeys “Coral And The Jewel” where they have specified lips as the coral and the teeth as the jewel. Kama Sutra also gives a detailed account of different spheres in which love bites were common. It also explained the combination of preference towards the love bites from one region to another. It shows that women from the north side (areas extended from Himalaya to the Vindhya mountains and the area of Ujjain and Gandhara that is in northern Pakistan) didn’t like these rough practices. On the other hand, in the south, there is nothing like that and even it explained that according to the geographical division the preference is varied.

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9. Hickeys May Actually Need Treatment

Undoubtedly, when some gives you love bite, either on neck, thigh, or anywhere else on the body, it simply damage the blood vessels, and many people are not aware but damaging blood vessels in the body has the potential to cause heart attack and may also cause other serious medical problems such as paralysis, so there is nothing wrong to say that love bites are basically dangerous, especially around the breast area because breasts are very sensitive. The scars from love bites may become permanent and sometimes it may get fatal. The clot may travel through the bloodstream and can get serious.


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Despite these facts, love bites are very popular between couples and it totally depends on the fondness of every couple but knowing about such unbelievable facts is really a wonderful thing for every person.

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