Top 5 outfits to go out on a date with your partner on Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air, and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, romance in the air has begun too! The lovely valentine week which is considered to be the epitome of love and confessions has begun and couples are making every possible effort to surprise their partners. Cupid is hitting his arrows at these lovebirds.

Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world. Presenting their partners with flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards lovers express their love to each other in a very special way. Several love symbols are used for these lovebirds which include the symbol of the heart, Dove and winged Cupid, the Greek god of love.

Valentine's Day Outfit

Well, imagine it’s your first date with your Valentine, what could be the most probable thing you would be thinking about? The guesses are very simple, the first thing which comes to your mind is what to wear! We all believe that the first impression is the last impression. Who doesn’t want to impress his or her partner with looks and when it comes to Valentine’s Day outfits, one cannot compromise with the casual outfits. When it comes to dresses females become too choosy with their choices but hello! Men too pay attention to their dressing sense.

Nothing to worry and confused about what to wear. Here are a few dress ideas to try this Valentine’s Day to aim cupid’s arrow right through your lover’s heart!

Sassy Outfits For women

Maxi dresses – Nothing can be sexier than wearing a Maxi as all men love femininity in women and give you girly look. Maxi dresses in chiffon or georgette with mild floral prints look candidly fresh and beautiful. For a classier look, choose solid colors, instead. Hues of Burgundy and peach are quite a part of trendy fashion style this season. Remember to keep the accessories minimal and try a nude shade of makeup with these outfits as it enhances your natural beauty and is easily caught by your partner.

valentines day Maxi dresses


Denim shirts – When it comes to comfort women should never compromise with their looks if they feel uncomfortable. If you are lucky enough to spend the entire day with your loved one, you should definitely keep comfort in mind. To give that extra edge to your look, wear a denim shirt with either a red or white damaged jeans, you can also add charcoal grey denim in your wardrobe.  Step up in those nude stilettos you have been longing to wear. Add-on a simple metallic neck piece, you can also curl your hairs and you are all ready to go!


Black jumpsuit – If you want to keep your date formal then wearing jumpsuit will be the ultimate choice to give a formal impression. You can also try high ponytail along with earrings. Checked jumpsuits are trendy these days wear light makeup and you are all set for the date!


Puff pleat silk skirts One of the prettiest entries this season is the puff-pleat skirt coming straight from the runways. Glam up your look by clubbing a bold colored silk skirt with a plain black top! A gorgeous string of pearls or stones in the neck will make you feel like a real princess! High heels will work.

silk skirt with a plain black top

Bodycon Dresses – Short dresses are worn by women during the day as well as night hours as it works so well creating a gorgeous look. Selection of colors should be taken in mind, during the day time floral prints of light shade can work a great deal for you, peach and white colors are in great demand. During the night hours, you can try Russian red or glamorous black wear smoky eyes or you can also try the shade of Ruby red. Girl you are all set to hit the ball!!


Gentlemanly Outfits For men

Gentlemanly Outfits For men

1. Casual T-Shirts– For a casual day date, there is nothing more apt than a t-shirt and jeans. Now, to make this look stand out, wear a plain black t-shirt with dark blue denim and put on a mud-colored half jacket over it. Complete the look with a pair of sober moccasins in brown.

2. Leather jackets– If the weather works in your favor, grab a leather jacket and toss it over a white t-shirt. With a brown leather jacket, complete the look with a pair of blue denim but with a black one, go with grey. Loafers are the obvious choice for footwear. Men, you are ready to impress your girls.

valentines day 2019

3. Polo T-SHIRT – As girls love something about men is their physique.  For a semi-formal look, polo t-shirts turn out to be the perfect picks. A black polo t-shirt with black chinos will look dapper if clubbed with a brown belt and brown oxford shoes. A good watch to accessorize will make the look even classier.

4. Burgundy pants – Gone are the days when colored pants were the only meant for the girls! If you want to look perkier, try this out. Wear a white t-shirt with burgundy chinos and put on a grey jacket over it. To play with colors, you can also replace the white with grey and change into a black jacket, it will work for you!

Burgundy pants

Blazers– Who says blazers make you look formal? If you know the color schemes well, even a serious office look can be turned into a hot date-night look! So instead of black, choose a navy blue semi-blazer and wear it over a white t-shirt and burgundy pants. And you are all set to soar the temperatures! A white shirt can also jazz up the look equally! Also, don’t forget to rock a pocket square.


Well, these were just a few tips to avoid your Confusion about what to wear for Valentine’s Day Date. Remember the best accessory you could ever wear is smile and confident. Smile has very positive energy which transmits from one to another. So don’t forget to smile!

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