Boys Too Deserve to get Pampered—This Valentine’s Day Pamper Them With a Helix

With all the talks going around “Me too movement” and women empowerment, we, perhaps just for a second, would like to take a step back and think about “Boys”.

Since we have already made our way to a new decade, maybe, this might just be the right time for thinking something ‘new’ and ‘out of the box’. And we believe that just like ‘women’ deserve to get empowered, men deserve to get pampered.

We as a society are already on our way to break substandard patriarchal hierarchies; so, let’s just breakaway from a pre-conceived notion that it is the women who have to be chased by men. Always. (Ahhh! So outdated!)

For a second, just imagine the joy of gifting your beau something special on a Valentine’s Day. You reversing the role of sitting down on your knees and doing the talking (women are anyway good at this bit).

Sounds morbid at first but isn’t it something that all men secretly desire—To be pampered, just for a little while, and gifting can be a perfect way.

Don’t have a clue of what to gift him? We suggest to play it safe yet interesting—A classic wristwatch!

We all are well aware of the fact that demand for luxury is strong for a man who is suave in his demeanour. And if your beloved is a connoisseur of craft and design then what could be better than a Helix.  Among all luxury products symbolizing style and elegance, few do it as effortlessly as a classic watch for men!

What makes Helix a perfect choice? Well, we have more than a few reasons why!

Adds a pop of blended luxury and quirk:

Have you ever witnessed quirk and luxury going together? Well, here is a Helix for you. Helix is a prime example of looks and functionality blended into one. This wristwatch will perfectly encapsulate your inner feelings.

Each timepiece reveals a little something about the man who is wearing it. And that’s why splurging your money on this one counts.

Since every occasion demands a different kind wristwatch adorned on your wrist, Helix quirk element in its overall layout makes it perfect for a romantic event like Valentine.



The quintessential sports vibe:

Let us reveal a secret here! No matter how gentlemanly your beloved behaves with you or your best friends, he always likes to add a ‘sportsy’ vibe somehow to his attire. Hence, when you plan of buying men’s watches online, Helix should stand out on your list.

A well-designed sports watch is always close to the heart of a man, especially if he happens to be a sports aficionado. And this statement wristwatch embodies the search for performance and achievements. Helix watches effortlessly blends elegance with refined technology, giving an incomparable efficiency and precision.

A fresh retreat from clichés 

Helix is definitely a fresh retreat from all the present styles currently available in the market. This timekeeper will be loved by anyone who embodies the millennial spirit. These watches are designed keeping in mind the men who still believe that style comes from changing yourself with time. Watches from this timeless collection, are the perfect blend of impeccable design and excellent features.

A timekeeper channels the ethos of your lifestyle and hence, it deserves to be taken seriously. Women, we understand that sometimes you tend to overlook it because gifting it is just so obvious but just for a while bring a change to perspective. Break some rules and be a leader than a follower this valentine’s day.

Helix has come up with its new hashtag and reflective party collection for you to choose from. Buy a Helix before 20th Feb from the retail outlets of Lifestyle and Shopper’s Stop to avail a wireless headset free.

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