10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs: Important to know.

Being an affiliate marketer, you have got one thing on your mind, which is none other than performance. To obtain the best performance for your affiliate campaigns, this is worth attempting out some platforms to observe what operates for you. Affiliate marketing can mainly be briefed up as a marketing technique, which is a performance-based.

It essentially turns around the idea of rewarding an affiliate for traffic; they move to the site because of their marketing endeavors. Maintaining in context the benefits of affiliate marketing, the list of affiliate marketing companies has been proliferating. The significant players in the concept of affiliate marketing mainly are the businessman, network, and publisher who are also identified as the affiliate, and markedly the customer.

Affiliate marketing companies make use of the concept to recognize the aim of passive earning. Aside from driving more profits by capably using the concept of affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing companies also tend to ensure that the affiliates make from their connection with the companies.

This makes the idea of affiliate marketing famous with marketers but also let the affiliate marketing companies achieve esteem among the public. India is one of the major hubs in the world, with fantastic potential, inexpensive payment, fewer payments, and free digital advertising conveniences. All these reasons defend the reasons why affiliate marketing companies in the country are growing gradually.

Whether you are a fresher or experienced, here are 19 best affiliate marketing programs. Perceive what type of offers is available on the most popular platforms to help you get your best conversions and build a secure long-term income. Now let us discuss programs/networks mentioned below:

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs


1. ShareASale


ShareASale appears as one of the popular affiliate networks, running for nearly 20 years. So it has built up loads of trust in the affiliate industry. The network is well-respected by marketers and merchants owing to its comprehensible interface, free sign-up, and assistance for affiliates running numerous websites. It comes with a huge range of merchants to pick from in about 40 categories, counting some big names.

What to know about ShareASale?

  • Product types: A small piece of everything, as well as both physical and digital products.
  • Usual commission fee: Comes by the particular merchant you sign up with.
  • Lowest payment: $50


Benefits of ShareASale

  • There are thousands of merchants for both physical and digital products.
  • It has been reliable for many years and works with many big brands.
  • More than 1,000 of the merchants thereon work only with ShareASale.


2. ClickBank:


ClickBank has one of the top platforms for affiliate marketers to get great products to endorse. You can register and approve for diverse merchants at once. The commission rates rely on the merchant and can fall between 1-75%. You will get a commission for each sale you produce for a merchant.

What I prefer about this network is that it brings stats for each merchant showing how well their products execute and whether affiliates are making money by encouraging their products. This assists you get an idea of what product to pick to promote. ClickBank is an affiliate network you should not overlook if you are just beginning out with affiliate marketing.

What to know about ClickBank?

  • Product types: It inclines towards digital products, but one can get some physical products too.
  • Usual commission fee: It comes by the particular merchant you sign up with. One can get both percentage and flat-rate commissions.
  • Lowest payment: $10


Benefits of ClickBank

  • Countless minor niche offers that you cannot find at other affiliate networks.
  • High commissions for most merchants.
  • Offers weekly payments.


3. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a grand platform to commence your new venture. The immeasurable Amazon marketplace cares about most of the sales process, warming up your leads. Your job is to take new clients from outside traffic sources to the Amazon site. There are millions of products you can propose. It is a perfect way to earn money without having yet increased a strong background in the art of affiliate marketing.

One of the focal advantages of doing affiliate marketing with Amazon is that people already discern the company and like to shop there. So it is not a hard sell. The company comes with very high conversion rates, especially about the holidays.

What to know about Amazon Associates?

  • Product types: Anything can be sold on Amazon’s website.
  • Usual commission fee: It ranges from 1% to 10%, relying on the category.
  • Lowest payment: $10


Benefits of Amazon Associates

  • An enormous mixture of products.
  • Universal cookie to help you get credit for everything people buy within the cookie duration.
  • Amazon is the primary name in eCommerce.


4. eBay Affiliate Program:

eBay Affiliate Program


 eBay’s affiliate program has the same advantages as Amazon’s; it has high conversion rates and a unique mixture of products. The eBay Network pays a commission of 50% to 70% of auction fees. For each article sold, eBay gets a cut by charging the seller an auction fee. You then make a fraction of the revenue eBay earns from that purchase, found on the product category.

The program lets anyone subscribe and is free of cost as well. The fact is that the payments are the highest, and the quickest in the industry build it well-liked in the list of affiliate marketing companies.

What to know about eBay Affiliate Program?

  • Product types: You can earn for digital and physical products on eBay.
  • Usual commission fee: This depends on the product category; one can earn anywhere from 50%-70% of eBay’s revenue.
  • Lowest payment: $10


Benefits of Amazon Associates

  • A vast array of products that you can promote on eBay.
  • It can sell the used products, which is distinctive.


5. Impact Radius

Impact radius

This is another trusted affiliate program with some great products that you can encourage. Being a publisher for an Impact affiliate network is so simple. Once you become a publisher, you can get and promote the products. The top part of this network is that publishers are free to select when they wish to be paid. It may be on the 1st or 15th of each month. Some of the network features are tag manager, media manager, partner manager, inbound call tracker, mobile tracker, and more.

What to know about Impact Radius?

  • Product types: It has physical and digital goods as well as exclusive brands.
  • Usual commission fee: it depends on the product category.
  • Lowest payment: $25


Benefits of Impact Radius

  • A single platform to manage a problematic universe of partnerships.
  • Earn a competitive benefit with Impact Radius.
  • Nurture your business rapidly with this network.


6. Awin


This is another accepted affiliate network that offers you access to more than 13,000 diverse merchants. Awin gained ShareASale back in 2017, though the two are still functioned as separate entities and have different merchants. With 13,000+ merchants, one can get loads of alternatives for both physical and digital products at Awin. With compact commitment, no setup costs, and low-risk commercials, grassroots businesses can rapidly and impeccably incorporate onto the Awin platform. Self-manage your program to make partnerships with publishers to improve brand experience, traffic, and sales, crucial for growing businesses to increase.

What to know about Awin?

  • Product types: With more than 13,000 merchants, one can find both physical and digital products for every niche.
  • Usual commission fee: it depends on the specific merchant you sign up with.
  • Lowest payment: $20


Benefits of Awin:

  • Loads of merchants to select from.
  • WordPress plugin to assist you import products.


7. CJ Affiliate:

CJ Affiliate

This is another affiliate network that arranges thousands of diverse merchants under one roof. Along with ShareASale, it is one of the major affiliate networks out there, which intends that one can be able to get in touch with thousands of both big and small merchants. Now, the correct number is 2,696 diverse merchants. As ShareASale, one can separately apply to these merchants from the CJ dashboard. Subsequently, one can be able to engender links and view statistics. Here I think CJ’s affiliate dashboard comes with a bit of a higher learning curve than ShareASale.

What to know about CJ affiliate?

  • Product types: It has an array of niches and both digital and physical products.
  • Usual commission fee: It relies on the particular merchant you sign up with.
  • Lowest payment: $50


Benefits of Awin:

  • A vast array of big and small merchants to select from.
  • A back-end dashboard to assist you to control your affiliate marketing efforts.


8. Rakuten Marketing:

Rakuten Marketing

This is a well-liked affiliate network that comprises a lot of big merchants. If you 

want a vast mixture of merchants, you might be better off with one of the other networks. Rakuten is an excellent alternative for getting access to big guns. They also have some remarkable features like the ability to turn around ads with no need for an external solution.

What to know about Rakuten Marketing?

  • Product types: With 1,000+ merchants, one can probably get offers in the most niches.
  • Usual commission fee: It relies on the particular merchant you sign up with.
  • Lowest payment: $50


Benefits of Rakuten Marketing:

  • Access to big-name merchants like Best Buy.
  • A reliable name.
  • Nice-to-have features.

9. Avangate


This is a reasonably new affiliate network in the industry, but that doesn’t cover the fact that it is rising as a grand platform for affiliate marketers. It is easy to sign up and be started with Avangate. You can get real-time reports to obtain insights into your affiliate performance. There are presently over 22,000 software products you can encourage with Avangate. If you wish to promote digital goods, the network is a platform that comes with several immense software products you can sell and build money from.

What to know about Avangate?

  • Product types: It focuses on software products and digital goods.
  • Usual commission fee: It relies on the particular merchant you sign up with.
  • Lowest payment: $100


Benefits of Avangate: 

  • Can choose to be paid via PayPal.
  • Loads of excellent software products to select from.
  • Most merchants recommend pretty high commissions.


10. Flex Offers:

Flex Offers

 It is a well-liked affiliate platform that offers you access to 12,000+ diverse merchants. It comes with one of the beautiful dashboards. The program adds 50+ new merchants per day, so one can always get new offers. This comes with lots of offers from small to big brands. One can browse a complete directory of all the merchants before you sign up, if willing to see what is available. This has been around for years, so you can believe that they are not going anywhere.

What to know about Flex Offers?

  • Product types: With more than 12,000 merchants, you can get physical and digital products.
  • Usual commission fee: It relies on the particular merchant you sign up with.
  • Lowest payment: $50 inside USA and $100 outside USA.


Benefits of Flex Offers: 

  • 12,000+ merchants to pick from.
  • Adequately-intended backend dashboard.


11. Peerfly:

Peerfly Affilate

This is a rapidly new affiliate network that gives you access to 3,300+ merchants. The variety is not as large as Flex Offers, but 3,000+ merchants intend that you probably get something that goes with your requirements. Peerfly comes with both smaller merchants. They also come with an appealing backend dashboard that builds it easy to perceive your earnings.

What to know about Peerfly?

  • Product types: It provides an array of both digital and physical products.
  • Usual commission fee: It relies on the particular merchant you sign up with.
  • Lowest payment: $50.


Benefits of Peerfly: 

  • Well-planned dashboard.
  • Have a good combination of big and small merchants.
  • Weekly payouts if you hit $5,000 earnings per week.


After a brief discussion on every affiliate network, it has been assured that managing and promoting the product of your merchant is so easy if having one of these networks mentioned above. Keep reading blogs at our blogging website and update yourself with technology meant to ease your lifestyle.  

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