Best 11 Android Antivirus Apps You must know.

Welcome to Blogging Coffe! Today we are going to assist you know best antivirus for android to protect your phone from online threats and attacks. Usually choosing the best antivirus is the critical task, as you cannot know which website is secured or not before you go on. So you continue looking for a perfect security solution for your phone, which is capable of protecting not only against viruses, but also against cyber attacks. Don’t be a prey of cyber-attacks. Pick one of the best android antivirus apps given below to protect your private data in phone. Here is 11 best antivirus for android

1. Avast Mobile Security
2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free
3. AVG
4. McAfee Security & Power Booster Free
5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
6. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security
7. Norton Security and Antivirus
8. Webroot Mobile Security
9. Lookout Security & Antivirus
10. Avira Antivirus Security
11. Quick Heal

1. Avast Mobile Security:

Avast Mobile Security is one of the most full-featured Android security apps. From a privacy adviser to a VPN client to a customizable blacklist, the best mobile antivirus can keep your phone away from any cyber attacks. Once you tap it in a single time, you can find it scanning perfectly your phone. It offers complete protection against spyware and viruses. Also it has some in-app purchases with which you can get rid of ads and access the application locking facility, with some other advanced features like SIM security, etc.

Features of Avast Mobile Security:

  • Inexpensive premium version
  • Lots of features for free
  • Solid anti-malware performance
  • Internet shield for secure internet browsing

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free:

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is a best antivirus for Android applications. Known as a prevailing antivirus tool, it provides protection against all main Android threats. It is one of the most lightweight antivirus apps resulting in super-fast scanning ability. It does not let your phone slow down or exhaust its battery. Also it provides real-time protection and scans apps that makes BitDefender a worthy contender among the best Android security apps.

Features of Bitdefender Antivirus Free:

  • Smart unlock to release apps when connected to Wi-fi.
  • Internet protection to scan malware attacks/threats while browsing
  • Assistance for Android Wear devices
  • Integrated VPN to access blocked websites

3. AVG:

AVG is a big name in the best mobile Antivirus apps. You can check your phone and find likely vulnerabilities in the same way. The app boasts of having anti-theft tracking via Google Maps. With AVG AntiVirus for Android, you will get effective virus and malware protection, phone locator, app lock and Wi-Fi Scanner to protect you from threats to your privacy. Just keep your personal data secure with App Lock, and Wi-Fi Security Scan.

Features of AVG:

  • Expand battery life with Power Save
  • Clean avoidable files to ease up space
  • Lock perceptive apps with a pattern, fingerprint, or PIN
  • Check Wi-Fi networks for threats

4. McAfee Security & Power Booster Free:

McAfee provides a lot of features, and a free version full of ads. It offers the malware protection decent, and a useful “Guest” feature that allows other people safely use your phone for a small time. You will get some good stuff without paying, such as a Wi-Fi security scanner and anti-theft features. It gives an amazingly strong free tier that has features like anti-theft and Wi-Fi security. Truly it is perfect to let you enjoy safe web browsing, app locking, phone support and guest mode.

Features of McAfee Security:

  • Useful tips all through app
  • Countless free features
  • Helpful guest mode

5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus:

Kaspersky is a notable yet best free antivirus for android mobile. It boasts of having a free version with in-app premium feature purchases and a paid version. The free version presents manual scanning of applications for malware and viruses in your mobile phone. On the other hand, you can access all the premium features for a free trial for 30 days.

Features of Kaspersky: 

  • Call filter for blocking unnecessary calls
  • Get my phone for finding your phone if lost
  • Protect data against theft and cyber attacks
  • Robust protection against viruses, malware, and trojans

6. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security:

Protect your mobile from virus and online attacks by Sophos free antivirus app. Trusted by thousands of users, the app is best to detect encryption status, rooting, and more. It informs users when necessary to update app. Also it perceives nasty and potentially unnecessary applications set up on devices, defending against malware, and ransomware. Thus you can consider it one of best yet free antivirus apps.

Features of Sophos:

  • Detect, rooting, encryption status, and more
  • Inform users if necessary to update app
  • Web filtering for stopping access to the known bad sites
  • Check network connections for suspicious activity in real time

7. Norton Security and Antivirus:

Norton antivirus software provides remarkable Android security features in the free version. The app typically offers 100% detection rate and deletes spyware, malware, or Android viruses that can let your mobile slow down. It can set off an alarm to discover your missing mobile, remotely lock your device to put off data theft, or block unnecessary calls/SMS. Buy it and avail from its malicious-website blocking and admirable anti-theft features which are free.

Features of Norton:

  • Perfect malware protection
  • Wi-Fi scanning to let you know about unsecured connections
  • Secure Search for flagging insecure websites while browsing
  • Call blocking for unnecessary calls

8. Webroot Mobile Security:

Webroot is an excellent and best mobile antivirus app. It offers the basics such as protection from malware, real-time device monitoring, and device scanning. In addition, it has a built-in call and text blocker that you need. Webroot protects mobile against online threat and cyber attacks. It offers absolute endpoint protection. The app fights against the present most intricate online security challenges, so does it expand value of its threat identification, and remediation to the connected world.

Features of Webroot:

  • Block mobile threats
  • Impede zero-day threats in real time
  • Protect web browsing
  • Device security

9. Lookout Security & Antivirus:

Lookout is the most popular and best mobile antivirus app. It comes pre-installed on various devices. It performs the basics literally well. It comprises scans, anti-theft features, phishing protection, malware protection, and more. Also it has some distinctive substance like identity insurance, Wi-Fi scanning, and identity protection, that gives it a bit of a diverse perspective than most antivirus apps. Thus if you look for best mobile antivirus app, Lookout security is best to be your first choice.

Features of Lookout:   

  • Protect your mobile from dangerous Wi-Fi attacks
  • System Advisor to check your device for root detections
  • Remotely lock your device
  • Privacy Advisor to keep your personal information private

10. Avira Antivirus Security:

Avira Antivirus is an Android malware scanner. The free antivirus app is fully-featured. If needed for privacy protection, it can check external storage media and prove how each app rates on a privacy scale. With its ‘cell phone tracker’ feature, it may track your phone’s location when required. If you lose your phone, it can start off the person who has your phone. Get the best free antivirus for android mobile and keep them secured from any malicious attacks and online threats.

Features of Avira: 

  • Privacy advisor to show how apps gather your data
  • Camera protection for security against probing attacks
  • Anti-ransomware for protection from ransomware attacks
  • Internet-based malware protection

11. Quick Heal:

Protect your mobile against all kinds of internet or network-based threats. Quick Heal acts as a shield against spywares, viruses, and other malicious threats. Known as a best mobile antivirus app, it offers security against new and indefinite threats. With such features, you can enjoy keeping your mobile device safe from any online attacks and threats. For safe browsing and data protection, the app deserves to rule over your mobile.

Features of Quick Heal:

  • Protection from harmful websites
  • Improve phone performance
  • Quick virus scans without device slowdown
  • Lock your apps with a secure PIN

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