What is Difference Between Antivirus Vs Internet Security VS Total Security ?

Everyone is making use of strong Antivirus and Internet security solutions to pave way for a system that has all no flaws. Thus, there is a need of a strong software that imparts security to the system and does not allow any virus or any other thing affect the system.

In this article, we shall throw some light on the key differences among the 3 security aspects in an elaborate manner: Antivirus, Internet Security and Total Security 2019.

Know The Meanings:

Let us first understand their definitions in detail


Most of the people remember that antivirus scans the viruses that are known to it. It is not able to detect the viruses that are from unknown source or of unknown code. Heuristic feature was added to antivirus that provided better monitoring of the devices that acts like virus. But it was not considered 100% accurate, though it provides better security than the traditional antivirus program.

2.Internet security:

It is not a single unit program. It consists of various programs that functions together to provide security to users. It includes the antivirus program that provides protection from threats that arises with internet ages. Another distinguishing feature of internet security is firewall. Firewall secures network by refusing the requests of outsiders to access your data. Internet security also includes variable application that secures your data from spyware programs and other malwares.

3.Total security:

It includes core protection software like antispyware, ant rootkit, intrusion detection, email protection, antivirus, antimalware, silent firewall, intrusion prevention and internet protection including anti phishing, anti-spam, parental control and many more. It also includes the PC optimization tools that provides complete security to users’ data and computer.

Many of the people mix the terms antivirus and internet security and total security 2019. But they are different and based upon the following parameters:

  1. Virus Scanner
  2. Behavior Monitoring
  3. Email Scanning
  4. Exploit Protection
  5. G Data Bank Guard
  6. Anti-Ransom ware
  7. USB Keyboard Guard
  8. Update Administration
  9. Firewall, Anti-Spam, Parental Control, Cloud Backup
  10. Password Manager, Performance Tuner, Browser Cleaner, Encryption, Access Control

The main points of difference between Antivirus Vs internet security VS Total security 2020 are as follows:

1. Virus scanner: Virus scanner feature is available in antivirus as well as in internet security and total security 2019.It is feature product that scans to detect the malicious software in hardware of the computing device. It works by accessing the database that is also known as virus dictionary. Virus dictionary contains a number of codes of different viruses. When the virus is scanned by the scanner it matches the codes with the codes of virus dictionary.

2. Behavior Monitoring:Behavior monitoring feature is also present in antivirus, internet security and total security 2019.Behavior monitoring systems blocks the programs that show malicious behaviors. Malicious behaviors include attempts to view, open, modify or delete files, format the disk drives, initiation of communication networks, modifications to the executable files logic and many more.

3. Email Scanning:Email scanning feature is inbuilt in antivirus, internet security and total security 2019.It is type of feature that protects your personal computer or laptop from the viruses sent through emails. It scans the virus in emails to protect it from any threat caused due to received or sent attachments in emails.

4. Exploit Protection:Exploit protection feature is present in antivirus, internet security and in total security 2019 too.It is a feature that protects your PC from multiple numbers of attacks like exploitation of memory. This exploits mainly try to manipulate the in-built memory of computer so that they can easily control the underling system.

5. G Data Bank Guard:G data bank guard is available in antivirus, internet security as well as in total security 2019.This feature provides the protection to your online shopping and banking. In modern days people are more dependent upon online transactions but viruses affects their day to day work by hacking their accounts. G data bank guard secures the web browsers from such manipulating hackers and secures your online banking experience.

6. Anti-Ransomware:This application is present in antivirus, internet security and total security 2019.Ransomware guards your computer security by encrypting the files or by locking the screen of system. By availing anti Ransomware for your PC you make it secure from different kinds of viruses that try to modify your data.

7. USB Keyboard Guard:USB keyboard guard is available in antivirus, internet security and total security 2019.This feature protects your computer from different kinds of USB attacks- Through USB devices that pretend to be USB Keyboards.

8. Update Administration:Update administration feature is inbuilt in antivirus, internet security and total security 2019. The main administration of your system gets an update in terms of security so that no external harm can prevail in the system.

9. Firewall, Anti-Spam, Parental Control, and Cloud Backup:Firewall, anti-spam, parental control and cloud backup is in built in internet security and total security 2019 but lacks behind in antivirus. The firewall

10. Password Manager, Performance Tuner, Browser Cleaner, Encryption, and Access Control:Password manager, performance tuner, browser cleaner, encryption and access control features are present in total security 2019 but are not available in antivirus and internet security. The password manager keeps track of all the passwords stored in your system, performance tuner helps in managing the performance, and the browser cleaner cleans all the old caches to keep the browser updated. There is a good level of encryption done to safeguard the information by sending them in encrypted form only.

Some Final Words

These points have made it quite clear that opting for total security is much better than the other two things. This is because it will help in getting all the features that will cover the entire security need of the system. Thus, you will see an all-around improvement or upgrade in the system altogether.

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