12 Best Password Manager Apps for Android

What is a password manager app?

Internet is an indispensable part of our life. So are the passwords. Nearly every website or application nowadays asks for an account secured with passwords. Now, this is next to impossible for a single human mind to remember so many passwords at a time. One password overlaps on the other amidst the complex alleys inside the brain. And as a result, we cannot remember the passwords in the time of need. Or wrong passwords come into our minds. Therefore, many people tend to keep one or two simple passwords for every case to avoid these glitches. So, they end up with passwords like “12345”, or “Abcd123”. Now, these are easy to remember, of course. But these are easy to crack as well. So, if somebody wants to crack the password and use your account, it’s a cakewalk for them. Password, then, becomes a mere joke as it cannot provide security to your account. 

The best way to solve this issue is by installing the best free password manager app. It helps to keep a record of the passwords. The app manages the passwords for you safely. You can access them anytime from the password vault. And the best part is you can switch to a different password manager app anytime. Suppose, you are not happy with the services the app provides. Then, you can export your saved data and easily switch to any other password manager app you prefer. 

How the Password Manager Apps work

For most of the password manager apps, you have to create an account locked with a master password. The master password helps you to create a vault and secure all of your passwords inside it. It, thus, stops others to find your passwords. You can also set up two-factor authentication for the security of the password manager account. The verification can be biometric, SMS-based, or OTP based. Some of the advanced password manager apps also support verification through U2F or OTP-based hardware keys. 

Hereby, we have listed down the 12 best password manager apps for Android  

1. Dashlane:

It is rated 4.7 in Google Play Store. It is the best password manager app for android 2021. This is a cross-platform app with a subscription facility. It is also compatible with macOS, Windows, and iOS. This app includes a free service and a premium subscription. With encrypted file storage, you can store your valuable personal information, payments, and passwords. It helps to get you a secured digital identity. It has a flexible pricing structure with which you can personalize this app for your teams in the business. 

2. Bitwarden:

It is rated 4.6 in the Google play store. It is one of the best free password manager app for android. You can safely store your important information in this open-source password management service. In a secured vault, you can store all your data like website credentials easily. You can find a variety of client applications on this platform. Both teams and individuals can use it. It can be used to store and share data from any kind of device. Bitwarden is popular for its open-source transparency and easy access. All of the features, source code, and infrastructure of this app are advanced. You can easily access this password manager app from your device in near about 40 languages. It works well with various browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc. 

3. Sticky Password:

This is one of the best free password manager app rated 4.6 in the Google Play Store. It has special biometric verification along with a no-cloud WiFi sync facility. People prefer it for its useful features. It has the feature to fill in the form automatically. In this matter, it takes care of the accuracy as well. It also generates strong passwords for you. You can keep your credit card numbers safely here. It also syncs your data across all of your devices. This app is compatible with 17 browsers. This is a portable password manager service helping you to access your data from any device. 

4. Keeper:

Keeper is considered the best password manager app for android 2021. It is designed by keeper security. It is used to store passwords, bank information, and other sensitive details. It is a secured platform with all advanced features. The features include 256 bit AES encryption and two-factor authentication. It also has the facility of zero-knowledge architecture. People use it for both personal and business purposes. It is well-known for efficient security from cyber threats and any kind of password breaches. Business owners often consider it as a necessary tool for businesses. The rating on the Google Play store is 4.5.

5. LastPass:

It is a password manager app with an in-built web interface. Also, it includes plug-ins for different web browsers and apps. It supports various bookmarklets as well. This is the best free password manager app to enjoy smooth security for the passwords. For its easy-to-use nature, it is popular among the users. It has multi-factor verification options for better security. The advanced features of it make it credible enough. Lastpass makes sure that your passwords remain safe always. 

6. 1Password:

Developed by Agilebits Inc., 1Password is the best password manager app android to store all kinds of passwords. You can also store software licenses and other necessary information. The virtual store vault is encrypted with a master password. It can be used on multiple platforms including android, iOS, macOS, etc. It works well with different browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. Remote work is now easier with this password manager app. You can keep your team safe from cybersecurity threats with its domain breach report facility. Companies like IBM recommend this app for its useful features. 

7. True Key by Intel Security:

Truekey is well accepted among the users for its automatic password management facility. You do not need to put extensive efforts. Rather, it saves the passwords for you. It is highly protective with a strong encryption algorithm like AES-256. You can set how many factors you want to add in authentication settings. Mostly, you can easily sign in with a master password on your device. But for other devices like friend’s device, hotel computer, etc. it asks for at least a two-step verification process. It has both a free and premium subscription version. 

8. RememBear:

It is one of the best password manager app for android 2021 to keep your passwords protected. This app is designed to provide you a safe experience online. Users love its simple design. You can log in anytime with just one click. It helps you with easy access to your passwords and auto-fill feature. It automatically fills up the details to save your time. With this app, you can store sensitive notes. It allows syncing the passwords across all your devices. Thus it becomes easier to access the password any time, from any device. It also has the face and finger-proof ID facility. 

9. Enpass:

Enpass is a popular password manager app among internet users. The main reason behind its popularity is its offline mode facility. Well, it can manage the passwords even offline. Its useful features make your digital life simpler than ever. Its features include regular password audit, multiple vault facility, secure storage for the card details, and so on. This app is compatible with android, iOS, Windows, and others. You can also import your existing passwords in this application. 

10. NordPass:

Users consider it as the best free password manager app. With zero-knowledge architecture, it ensures protected encryption for the password. You can secure all of your data with a strong master password. It keeps your data safe and secure with a two-factor authentication feature. Comparing to the other password manager apps, this is new in the market. It provides extensions for several browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. many renowned tech-expert websites like Forbes, Wired, etc. have mentioned this application for its convenient and useful features.

11. Password Boss:

Small businesses and MSPs(Managed Service Provider) are likely to face cybersecurity threats often. Password Boss, therefore, provides them the necessary security with an encrypted password management solution. In a business, you can store your customer data easily and safely with this app. You can also share your valuable passwords and digital notes with the team. It also has a built-in dark web feature. This lessens the risk of security breaches. This password manager app allows you to enter any website easily and automatically. 

12. LogMeOnce:

It lets you keep your passwords, and files safe. You can use this app to keep your identity safe with identity theft protection. For years, this application has invented a wide number of security products. It uses advanced technology for the authentication process. Many renowned organizations like Mayo Clinic, Tech Biz, Rolex have used the service of LogMeOnce. Businesses often consider this as the best password manager app. 

So, the article answers the question called what is the best password manager app for android. Have a read!

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