12 Best Sites to Download Free Photoshop Brushes Beautify Your Photos In an Instant!

Adobe Photoshop has emerged as the popular image editing software that lets you edit your images and fix the flaws in them dramatically. The chief tool that you will need to perform the crucial editing activities is the brush. There is a myriad range of brush tools that can make your images look fantastic. 

However, Adobe’s brushes do not suffice the fantastic range of editing activities you need to carry out. Here’s why we have come up with a well-curated list of the 12 best sites to download free photoshop brushes. 

Read on to know about some fantastic sites from where you can easily download photoshop brushes


1. Brush King 

Brush King 


Brush King is well-stocked with excellent brush types that are sure to fulfil your requirements. You can easily download the brushes free of cost. 

The site also allows you to search for various brushes via keywords. You can quickly get your desired brushes as these are neatly designed categorically. 

Get free access to 10,000 high-quality brushes!



2. 123Freebrushes



As you can already comprehend from its name, this is a free website featuring thousands of photoshop brushes

You can easily download free brushes by searching for them through the keywords and categories. 

Get your hands on unique brushes such as floral borders, tropical flowers, vintage designs and much more. 



3. BrushLovers 


BrushLovers is the one-stop destination for graphic designers. It contains various brushes and is the storehouse of multiple gradients, patterns, styles, and vector images. 

Create unique designs for your client with this excellent site of photoshop brushes. All the designs are unique, making it an ideal site for downloading photoshop brushes. 

To avoid copyright issues, go through the licensing details carefully. You can also contact the team of BrushLovers to sort out any problem that you might be facing.



4. QBrushes


QBrushes shelters high-quality photoshop brushes that are unique pieces, thus lending originality to your work. Over 3000 brushes can be downloaded for free!

The best part is that if you get confused as to which brush you will select, QBrushes has been designed to help you search for the best one.


5. Wow Brushes

Wow Brushes

Though this site is not updated much frequently, Wow Brushes has a good reputation for making unique brushes for graphic designers. 

The artistic brushes can be easily searched via keywords and categories. 

Ranging from holiday brushes to abstract brushes, you can download many brushes with diverse options. 


6. Creative Bloq 

Creative Bloq 

Graphic designers are surely going to love the Creative Bloq! 

It comes with fantastic photo brushes and varied other layouts for designs like coffee stains, lightning, etc. 

You also get a how-to guide on this website that lets you understand the steps clearly. 

Head to the section of Digital Art to download the best quality brushes and create rich illustrations. 

7. inObscuro 


This website is a personal website of Nela Dunato, a graphic designer having experience of 10 years in creating great content. 

Nela shares several photoshop brushes for free through the site of inObscuro. 

There is also a separate section for premium resources that contains rare and unique designs. 

All the brush designs are fantastic and will undoubtedly result in the creation of unique content. 


8. GrutBrushes 


GrutBrushes is one of the best sites for downloading photoshop brushes. The simple, clean UI makes the handling of the platform way too easier. 

This site is akin to an online store of photoshop brushes. Nonetheless, you can get a good number of brushes of excellent quality for free. 

You have to create an account so that you can use this platform. 


9. Brusheezy 


Brusheezy comes with an excellent user interface, and its smooth-running platform ensures easy handling by the designers. 

The collection of photoshop brushes is simply unique. You get to scroll through truckloads of photoshop brushes. 

The brushes are listed as per their respective categories to be easily searched, thus saving time. This is highly beneficial if you have a tight deadline and have to submit the project to the client within a short tenure. 

Apart from great photoshop brushes, you can also access various gradients and patterns from Brusheezy and enrich your work with further illustrations. 

10. FBrushes 


FBrushes, the name itself implies ‘free brushes.’ You can download any brush you want free of cost from among the 5000 high-quality brushes available here. 

You can also search for brushes by sorting these based on keywords and categories. 

Confetti, blood splatters and owls are some of the favourite brush designs among the users. 

Create fabulous retro designs with the photoshop brushes of this website. 


11. My Photoshop Brushes 

My Photoshop Brushes

My Photoshop Brushes is a highly popular website for downloading photoshop brushes. It is constantly updated so that you can access the new releases that are poured into its database and create marvellous designs. 

Apart from brushes, you can also download styles, gradients, shapes and varied patterns. 

You also get tutorials on the website to efficiently use the brush tools in your designs.

Searching the brushes has been made easier via keywords and categories.


12. DeviantArt 


The enormous collection of photoshop brushes in DeviantArt has made it a well-renowned platform among Adobe Photoshop users. 

You have to take the pain of searching for the best brush, and you’ll be good to go. 

You may search categorically by means of collections, groups or artists. 

Just beware of the copyright regulations to eliminate the chances of any trouble. 

Final Words 

So, now we have come to the end of the list of the 12 best sites to download free photoshop brushes. We all know that the brush tool in Adobe Photoshop has grown archaic. With the help of these sites, you can download photoshop brushes easily and create attractive illustrations and designs. The enchanting designs and photoshop brushes are sure to match your tastes and bring you praises from your clients or workplace. 

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