DesignEvo: Why You Should Make a Logo for Your Business

Due to the quarantine caused by the COVID-2019, many businesses have had to adapt and migrate to digital, thus avoiding closing the doors. When the business is developed from the beginning, also thinking about digital, this is not superfluous. However, to build your business online, you should also consider all elements and then prepare all of them. With a good base, services can also be offered online or give a nice impression of its offline store.

It is clear that a good website is a basis for all this, after all, it is there that your customers will know and buy your products, in addition to being the face of your business.

However, before you start creating a website right away, you need to create a logo that represents your brand, it is from there that you will have guidelines on how to proceed.

Many elements go into building the brand’s visual identity, but one of the most important aspects is its logo. With it, you will tell your customers something about your brand.

A good logo should be:

  • Simple: The golden rule “less is more” has never been more appropriate.
  • Versatile: You should have a logo that looks good wherever it is placed.
  • Timeless: You must ask yourself, “Will it still look impressive ten years from now?”
  • Aligned: The font, colors and design, all must be aligned with your branding guidelines. Unique and unforgettable: An excellent logo incorporates unique elements without getting too much or too complicated.

Especially in the current times of crisis, not all companies have an extra resource to hire a professional designer or pay thousands of for a visual identity.

Before, it was common for companies to invest a lot of money by hiring a design agency to create the logo. But today, more and more people can create their own logo quickly and efortless, thanks to an immense diversity of online tools.

How to DIY your logos online?

It was thinking about this need that DesignEvo comes to help. With it, you can generate a logo without having to understand a lot of editing tools or design concepts.

To begin, just access the website and try. DesignEvo is very user-friendly so that you can completely manage your task.

Step 1: You can start your project from choosing a template


After that, you have opened the DesignEvo homepage. You can directly start your project. Or, you can register the DesignEvo account and then go to your design.

Just click Make a Logo to land its template choosing webpage in which you can pick up a template to customize. Besides, personalizing your logo upon the template, you can start from a blank canvas and add some necessary icons.

DesignEvo boasts over 10,000 logo templates available to use, so you would have numerous references to manage your project. Such a vast stock template, how to find yours? For this question,  DesignEvo allows you to enter keywords to match the related templates. In addition, you can scroll down specific categories to select.

When faced with the options generated, you may also have some doubts about which one best represents your brand, so a good tip is to do good market research before starting, this way you will have a basic notion of what you are looking for.

When you have selected your template, then just click it to use. And then DesignEvo will pop up a window to ask you to enter your company name and logo. Optionally, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Customize your logo at your will reasonably

In addition, having a brief idea of the colors and fonts you intend to use will also greatly facilitate the entire process.

Keep in mind that colors evoke different affections in people. For example, blue causes a feeling of reliability, seriousness and professionalism, white conveys a sense of simplicity, clarity and purity, yellow joy and so on.

The same applies to the font. Your source must correctly communicate the qualities of your brand, in addition to being versatile and legible.

Another tip is to study trends. In general, you are going through a movement towards simpler designs that work in almost any context you want to use them, from a billboard ad to a business card. Not to mention that it is extremely important that your logo can be used in digital media and have easy reading and recognition on small screens, such as on a cell phone, for example.

Step 3: Preview and export your project


Finally, once you have all your elements decided, name, tagline, icon, font, colors and background. They must be well balanced with each other.

Although there are no general rules on this, the ideal is to align all its elements in the same direction. Remember, your design and content must be one and not several separate mini things.

When all necessary changes have given to your logo, then you can check what it looks like on different mockups. If you satisfy your job, then you can export your logo.

You can surely get your logos without any charge. However, to download the transparent background and in high resolution, it is necessary to pay a certain amount.

Ideally, all in all, your logo should be simple enough so that could make the viewers impress at a glance.

Remember that the tool does not need to be used only for personal use; you can also use it to create logos for your customers quickly and practically.

In addition, you can also print it on different materials for your business, such as business cards, office gear, promotional products, for example, pens, mugs, t-shirts, etc. You can share your visual identity on social networks and even use it in advertising.


Corporate identity is a must-do list of brand-building. With DesignEvo, you can easily achieve your task. Even you have no familiar with programs like Photoshop. You could use such kind of tool to make logos in minutes.  If you need a logo for your Youtube, blog, or any required visual identity, then DesignEvo would be a good-helper to do your job.

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