Best Tips to boost MacBook Speed: You Must Know.

Do you struggle with your MacBook speed? Indeed it can be annoying when going to work, and your operating system is lagging. Luckily, there are a few steps by Blogging Coffe to help you optimize your Mac slow performance. Read on to know how to speed up your Mac quickly, from updating software to clearing […]

How to do Remote access mac from mac, and iPad ?

Have you faced trouble in remote screen sharing in mac? Do you want to know how it can be possible? Whether you need to share own mac screen or help your friend, here is the complete guide for you.  It doesn’t matter how perfect you are in mac applications. While remote access mac from mac, you […]

How to delete search history on MacBook Tips

How to delete search history on MacBook

You may want to remove your browsing history for a number of reasons. You shouldn’t be on the lookout for a surprise birthday gift to surfing places. There is no question of removing proof from your browser’s history menu, for instance by using violet-clicking on Google to highlight the search results. Also, if you visit […]

7 Music Streaming Apps for iPhone

Best 7 Music Streaming Apps for iPhone

All tablets and smart-phones running Apple i-OS or even android OS have quite notable musical abilities.  It’ would be like a sin to not utilize these and turn your I-phone a true audio box. Well, we’ll inform you regarding trending music apps for iphone to look closely at. 1. Audiomack Music & Mix-tape App Audiomack […]