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The recently launched WhatsApp stickers have become instantly successful. This launch on the festival season made it really interesting for all the users to exchange greetings one another.  Undoubtedly, almost every users of WhatsApp was desperately waiting for this new version but unfortunately, there is a limited number of stickers packs that offer around 12 packs only. These packs include cuppy, Komo, salty, unchi&rollie, Shibainu, koko, and others. Having only 12 packs seems to really limited Variety of sticker when you want extra fun during a conversation with your friends. We all know that most people these days hardly type a text they just prefer to send emojis or stickers to make casual conversations. While selecting preferred sticker for making your chitchatting more interested you truly want more options in the stickers box.  

To add more stickers to WhatsApp you have the creative option to make your own WhatsApp stickers really easily in just a few minutes. You can readily download third party sticker maker apps for WhatsApp to make your chats more joyful. If you are in the finding of creating your own personal stickers pack there is an easy way to get it.

Today we are going to guide you some easy to follow steps that will help you to create own stickers for WhatsApp. You just have to follow all the mentioned steps carefully to have your own customized sticker packs. Now let’s follow these steps one by one:

  • First of all, you have to visit Google play store
  • After that visit the Google play store where you have to search for the app of  “sticker maker WhatsApp”
  • Next step you have to do is download it, the downloading process will complete in just a few seconds
  • It will run smoothly on your Android phone
  • After this step, you have to select or click on the option “create the new sticker pack”
  • When you will click that option then just write the sticker pack’s name
  •  This name-entering step is for the descriptive commitment so that other user on the what’s app won’t become able to reach to your created stickers
  •  Afterwards click on the latest list option, when you will tap on this option an empty stickers tray will open at your phone screen
  • When this tray appears on your smartphone, initially you have to add stickers pack icons and after this, you should choose the following tray to insert the new modified stickers
  • You have to click on the blank tray to insert more and new stickers
  • When you will do this there will be option appears every time about taking the latest photo or introducing from your gallery
  • When you choose the photograph, it will start to upload at the image copyeditor
  •  To get perfect one you have to crop the photo with the help of your fingertips
  •  You must adjust or crop your picture according to your preference for a new sticker
  •  After the final step, you can now easily save the photo
  •  If you want more innovative custom sticker packs then you just have to follow all these steps again
  •  After you finish all the steps and you can insert stickers to the pack by just clicking on the option of the public sticker pack
  •  There will be a question for you about adding these stickers to your WhatsApp  
  •  To insert these stickers to the WhatsApp just accept the option and get ready to enjoy your chats with the help of these innovative customized stickers
  •  Just follow all the given steps vigilantly and create your own stickers to the WhatsApp

Special Note:

All the reader should keep in mind that the option of creating own WhatsApp sticker is useful only for the users of Android phones, so if you are not the android user then these steps are not convenient for you. One more thing to be noted is that the users of Android phones can add maximum thirty stickers pack to the WhatsApp, so are you excited to make WhatsApp stickers then just start this easy process now.

Feeling doubtful about the usage of Stickers? Have a quick glance at these useful tips:

Although the recent launch of WhatsApp sticker has become really eminent still there are few people who don’t know about sending stickers on WhatsApp contacts, so for all those people, we have also explained some useful guidelines. Let’s have a quick look:

  • The first thing you have to do is open the keyboard in your chat
  • Here you will find a new sticker button at the bottom left
  • When you will click on the sticker button, a new sticker tap will open in front of you
  • This sticker tap will show you sticker icons from those sticker packs that user have downloaded
  • Every user can easily select the stickers to pack that he wants in the start option so that he can readily select any of those while chatting with others
  •  WhatsApp also provides the brilliant option of sticker store so that the users can enjoy more sticker packs that they want in their option
  • From the wonderful variety of options, you can quickly download sticker packs that you like
  • Now each and every user can enjoy his conversing simply by selecting stickers to share during the chat

Final Verdict

We hope that after reading this article you now become able not only to easily create your own WhatsApp stickers but also about the usage of theses stickers during the chat. Chatting with your near and dear ones can become really jubilant if you have the great options for stickers in your Whatsapp sticker tap.  

When you will use your created WhatsApp sticker during chats, all your friends will surely want to know about your creation, so if you really want to thrill your friends with a unique creation and selection of WhatsApp stickers in your android phone then just get ready to quickly use all these mentioned steps.

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