How GPS Tracking System Helping School Buses

Over the years, GPS technology has helped the industry of fleet and transportation and has recently started to support school bus transportation.  For any school safety of their students is paramount and a GPS tracker will definitely be of help in ensuring the safety of the children in the most realistic way.  Installing an effective GPS tracker in a school bus with the software that keeps you linked to the system will keep you updated and give school authorities relevant information such as driver behaviour, driving speed and more.


Some of the advantages of GPS tracking devices which are useful to a school bus are listed below:

Surveillance On The Go:
Surveillance is important for ensuring student safety, which is why the school authorities need a GSP tracker. By installing the device the school authorities can handle any contingency that could occur during a bus route.

A Device With Multiple Features:
The school should opt for a GPS system that has dash cam facilities to keep a track of the bus and even see what’s going on inside and outside the bus to keep children safe on the go. This measure will allow for greater consistency. Proper supervision guarantees safe driving and journey.

Driving Behaviour:
It is very important for every school to monitor the actions of the school bus driver to ensure the safety of the school children. It was a place where driver reckless driving has led to numerous unfortunate incidents. Schools can keep a careful eye on drivers with smart devices such as GPS trackers and Dash cams to detect over-speed and unexpected speeding. With such tools it is even possible to detect a detour from the path and unwanted stops.

Bus Monitoring For Parents:
The best feature of having a GPS tracker is that the parents can get to know the bus moment and estimate the bus’ arrival and departure time accordingly. This way parents can have peace of mind and won’t have to worry about the children going to school.

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Unknown Driver Detection:

Through GPS tracker and dash cams, the school is checking footage from past trips to see who was sitting on the bus and who is driving the bus.

There is one device that can be of great help to the school and the parents, thus ensuring the safety of the school children ‘KENT CamEye’. It is one tool that functions as dash cam and integrates GPS tracker functionality.

KENT CamEye can be helpful in updating school authorities with the following alerts:

Over Speeding Alerts:
You can get an alarm on your phone with KENT CamEye when the driver drives above a speed limit and you can even call the driver through the device immediately.

Unknown Driver Detection Alerts:
You can review captured time-lapse videos from past trips with KENT CamEye to see who they were all sitting on the bus. Identify all individuals sitting on the bus using Face Recognition technology.

High noise level Alerts:
You can get an alarm with KENT CamEye when the sound level inside the bus rises above the set limit. You should respond to demands immediately, e.g. someone who is screaming on the bus or driver playing really loud music.

KENT CamEye Further Offers:

  • Safety of children / family members in the school bus
  • Tracking the undisciplined conduct of the chauffeur, e.g. over pace, talking on the phone while driving, etc.
  • Avoids possible conflicts by presenting irrefutable evidence in road accidents
  • And tracks the location of the car removal.

To know more about KENT CamEye you can visit or can call us at 011-66765030.

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