How to Create Windows 11 Bootable USB Drive (Full Guide)

Microsoft’s last operating system is Windows 10. It started in 2015 and Microsoft then declared that Windows 10 will be the latest Windows OS and would receive upgrades continuously. But this seems to be no longer the case. A recent version of Windows 11 is leaked and has done a lot of Internet rides and people are looking forward to testing it. If you wish to try Windows 11, you can use this information to generate a bootable USB drive for Windows 11.

Naturally, Microsoft’s decision to alter its statement to make Windows 10 the latest version of the Windows OS with endless updates is a bombshell. Well, it is still not official, therefore there are no words. Windows 11 still offers a great deal of performance and cosmetic changes. And certainly, Windows 11 is going to be the next system for some years now that Windows 10 will retire on 24 October 2025. (Listed on Windows official site).

New Features of Windows 11

Of all, now it is just out of curiosity that anyone wants to try out a new operating system. Windows 11 features such as a new taskbar and start menu, rounded corners and even aesthetic walls are all very enticing. Windows 11 is also available with many people now. The Windows 11 wallpapers may be viewed. You can discover how to build a bootable Windows 11 USB stick if you’re curious enough.

Windows 11 Bootable USB Drive Creation Steps

Windows ISO files weighing less than 2-3GB are gone. You will need at least 8GB or 16GB USB disc for Windows 11 ISO weighing 4.75GB. So begin to search the USB Pen-drive, with sufficient storage for Windows 11.

Plug in your Windows PC with a USB pen-drive. Copy files to your system or any other place if you have any form of data on this USB device. Open File Explorer, click on the USB device, right click, and pick Format to format your USB drive. To start formatting, click on the button Start. This takes less than a minute.

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Windows 11 File ISO Download

The biggest component of the complete process is this one. Now you won’t just locate the link on the download website of Microsoft as it has not been launched yet. You can nevertheless seek around on Windows 11 ISO via Twitter or Google. Recall to check for download links to ensure, under the Windows 11 ISO pretence, you don’t download any malware or virus. Recall that your file weights 4.75GB and is only available in ISO format.

Rufus Download

Rufus is a popular programmed to easily make a bootable USB drive, in this example a bootable Windows 11 drive. Because it is a mobile installer, no space is required on the storage drive of your system. The current version of Rufus can be downloaded to create a bootable pen-drive for Windows 11.

Create a bootable drive for Windows 11

Open it now once you have downloaded Rufus. The name, capacity, boot and format settings of your USB device will be displayed. You’ll notice the button Select next to the boot selection. Click here to find the Windows 11 ISO file you have downloaded.

You will see all the options automatically selected once you’ve selected the ISO file for Windows 11. You should see the status as ready if everything is flawless and correct. To start formatting and typing Windows 11 ISO on your USB drive, click the Start button. Depending on your USB drive and the port it is linked to, it should take a few minutes.

And this is it! You generated a bootable USB drive for Windows 11.

Use of the Bootable Drive

You can now use it on an older system or on the current system itself when you have a bootable Windows 11 USB drive. Note that this is a leaked build that has problems and is not recommended for your system as a daily driver. This approach allows you to generate a bootable USB device, whether Windows or Linux, for any operating system

You may always replace certain files by copying them from the Windows 10 ISO into a Windows 11 configuration folder if you have a system that doesn’t have TPM 2.0. This helps you overcome the need for TPM 2.0. You can also install Windows 11 on a virtual machine if you are unable to install Windows 11 on a bootable disc for some reason.

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Thus, we have seen in detail, the complete process of creating the bootable USB drive for Windows 11. All this was about making a bootable USB drive with Windows 11. If you also want to use Windows 11 and want to create a bootable USB drive, you can use the process mentioned above in this article.

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