How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80070BC9?

Coping with the error 0x80070BC9 in Windows 10 when installing the newest updates then this blog by BloggingCoffe is for you. Confirm the wide-ranging information about the windows update error 0x80070BC9

Updating the Windows operating system is significant to make it safer and execute effortlessly. The modern updates brought by Microsoft contain security patches vital to the Windows system. However, updating the Windows OS is not simple as many times the users are found reporting the update process is stuck with the error codes.

One most grating error is the Windows update error 0x80070BC9.

The error code 0X80070BC9 can be resolved by firm possible fixes. So below learn the tested likely solutions to repair update error 0X80070BC9 Windows 10.

What Causes Error Code 0X80070BC9?

Well, there are diverse reasons answerable for Windows update error 0X80070BC9. Here check out some of them:

  • Corrupted Windows system files
  • Inadequate installation of the update
  • Unfitting removal of the applications 
  • Due to lately installed software
  • Unanticipated system shutdown when the update process is running
  • The policies confining the behaviors of Windows Module Installer

Now attempt the given solutions to fix update error 0X80070BC9 Windows 10/8/7.

1. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

To resolve the error 0X80070BC9, run the Windows Update Troubleshooter. Follow the steps to run it:

  • Do a Click on Start > Settings > Updates and Security > Troubleshoot
  • And select the Windows Update troubleshooter and run it
  • After completion to the whole process > reboot the system

Now ensure if the Windows update error 0X80070BC9 is fixed or not.

2. Ensure Status of Windows Modules Installer Worker Service

Many users checked that setting the Windows Modules Installer Worker Service to Manual, assist the user to resolve the error code 0X80070BC9.

Follow the steps to execute so:

Open the Services Manager > check the status of Windows Modules Installer Worker Service and confirm its startup type is set to Manual. And do a Click on the Start button.

Now confirm the update error 0X80070BC9 is fixed or not.

3. Uninstall The Recently Installed Software

As it is said above, the recently installed software may reason the error code 0X80070BC9. So, confirm for the recently installed software and then uninstalls it.

Well, many times manually uninstalling the software won’t delete it completely so here it is recommended to uninstall the programs with the third-party uninstaller.

4. Run the System File Checker

If you are still coming across the error, then run the SFC scan this assists you to resolve the Windows system files corruption. Follow the given instructions:

  • Hit Win + X key > select Command Prompt (Admin)
  • Then in the Command Prompt > type ‘sfc /scannow’ > Enter
  • Expect the complete process to accomplish 

After the scanning process is completed, restart your system and check if the error is fixed or not.

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5. Reboot the Background Intelligent Transfer Services

Try restarting the Background Intelligent Transfer Services (BITS), to fix the Windows update error 0X80070BC9. Follow the given instructions:

  • Press Windows key + R > and in run box enter services.msc
  • Find the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) on the list
  • Do a Right-click to the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) service > click Properties
  • Make sure that the Automatic (Delayed Start) is selected on the General tab. If not selected, then click Apply.
  • Next to Service Status > ensure if service is started > if not click Start

6. Get in Touch with IT administrator to adjust the Group Policies

The main reason of the issue is policies that switch the start behavior for Windows Module Installer.   You should eliminate them like the Windows Modules Installer Worker Service is accomplished by the operating system itself.

Well, there are innumerable policies, so here it is suggested to contact the IT administrator to alter them.

Hope the given solutions work for you to resolve the Windows update error 0X80070BC9.

Easy Solution to Fix Error 0X80070BC9 in Windows 10

After following the solutions given above, the Windows update Error 0X80070BC9 is resolved but if not or you are searching for an easy solution then here it is recommended to attempt running the PC Repair Tool.

This is an innovative repair utility that resolved innumerable computer problems, such as stubborn Windows errors, shelters you from virus/malware, repair corrupt registry entries, DLL error, BSOD error, and other errors and issues in the Windows system.

This is not only solution for errors, but also is an optimization for the Windows PC performance.


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Thus, it’s your turn to follow the given solutions one by one to fix Windows update error 0X80070BC9. we tried best to list down the whole possible solutions to fix the error 0X80070BC9 in Windows 10.

Follow the steps and the given commands wisely to avert extra issues.

We hope that the blog turns out to be supportive for you that lets you to install the Windows update with ease.

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We are always open for suggestions and your feedback because your presence at our blogging platform is simply root of this little attempt. After we have covered gaming, MS, and mobile applications, we are always keen to update on technologies new to you. In this piece of content, we tried you to know on how to fix Windows Update Error 0x80070BC9.

Apart from this blog, we are coming with updates on resolution for Windows Update error. So please keep your reading to our blogs ON and be updated to fix such error before it leaves you tense. We hope that this blog would have been a source of good information to know how Error Code 0x80070BC9 can create problem to the system. To fix this issue, follow the points one by one as mentioned above. Truly these points will assist you to keep your system error-free.             

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