12 Best Spotify Alternatives 2021

Music is so easy to discover in this era. Technology has a vast platform that offers you so many stages to entertain yourself with the music. Also, everyone’es taste in music varies but, it is not a barrier in finding out the best music. You can enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere with internet availability. Yes, isn’t it making our lives so easy?

Spotify is the app that needs no introduction. We must say that the application has gained much popularity within less of the time. It is the best kind of digital music streaming service available in most of western countries but now has expanded its reach in Asia too. With its best-quality and fast services, it has surpassed the popularity of much-famous applications in the same field. But, there are Spotify alternatives too, if you do not have access to it.

But why do we need Spotify alternatives? The question is quite reasonable, why do we need to consider its alternatives if it is performing so well already. Yes, Spotify is amazing but you know nothing about luck, right? Some of you are bored with ads while others are not happy with the plans. Sometimes, it may also happen that besides its vast popularity, you still may not find your kind of song or music on it. 

So, let us rack down the best Spotify alternatives

1. Google play music:

Google is coming everywhere and is in great demand. Those days are gone when people used it as a search engine only. Now, there are multiple functions that you can perform with Google. Google always tops the list when you are in search of something and it is using its ability to search out the best music for you too. So, try out google play music and enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere. 

2. Youtube music:

Youtube is a library of millions of songs and you know it already. But, sometimes, you can find the songs on youtube that are not available on other applications. Yes, it happens. Try out with the most complex and non-popular songs. You can still find them on youtube music. Youtube does not have a limit. It allows you to search extensively and completely free anytime, anywhere.

3. MusicUp:

It is another one of the best Spotify alternatives that you can go to listen to your favorite tunes. The greatest feature of the app is that it is extremely easy to use. Yes, there is no complexity at all. But, there is no ban on creating your own. Yes, you can even create your own playlist whenever you want to depend upon your mind and add your favorite music there. 

4. Deezer

This US-based app is available to the people who are living outside it too. You can use the app in about 182 countries in the world. Isn’t it amazing? With its great availability, it also offers you the best and easy service with a vast collection of songs. There are multiple platforms that offer Deezer Music so, it is really easy to enjoy the music using this one. 

5. VLC

We already know about VLC and it is one of the most used applications in the world despite internet availability. The app is so simple and runs smoothly. We can say that its software design is amazing. Enjoy any kind of music on the VLC media player without any kind of payment issue. Yes, the app is free to use.


6. Nuclear Music player

One of the fastest music apps that you can find as a Spotify alternative is this one. This allows you to run it on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. It also has a huge variety of music in various languages. This looks like a complete technology-based modern kind of app.

7. iTunes

iTunes is quite well-known when it comes to music. People often choose it as a primary platform to listen to their favorite music. With loads of genres that it offers, it also has a feature of making the playlist on its own based upon the songs you are selecting. 

8. Resonic

It is indeed ana amazing application. Resonic claims that it is the fastest music player ever. But, it is really fast when you use it. Its frequency analyzer is simply awesome. play your music best on Microsoft Windows devices.  Sound quality is great and the portable version is also available.

9. Aqualung

Aqualung is loved by this generation of people who do not want a break in between the songs. Yes, it plays your songs from the chosen playlist continuously without giving it a break of a second. Isn’t this feature attractive? 

10. SoundCloud

Finding out the new music can be considered an easy task when it comes to the SoundCloud app. It also offers you a large number of settings so, you can listen and adjust your kind of music. There are so many playlists that this apps offer and you can go with them according to your mood. 

11. Pandora

This American app for streaming the quality music provides you with a personalized experience in music. It allows you the best playlist too. Furthermore, you can search for your favorite music extensively. Create your playlist and share it with your friends.

 12. Napster

One of the best Spotify alternatives is this app called Napster. You can also find the maximum possible number of songs here. Download your music for offline listening too. You can also share the audio songs in the MP3 format. It is considered as one of the biggest contributor apps in the history of revolutionary and digital music. 

These suggested apps are so popular. Also, there are so many devices around you that serve you the best quality music. So, in this era, where you can find music so easy, enjoy it in high audio quality, there is nothing to worry about. Technology is making our lives easier. Even in music streaming, we can see so many options out there as the best Spotify alternatives

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