The Ultimate Guide for your Comfort: Buying a Gaming Chair this Christmas

Are you excited to receive your Christmas bonus after a year-long of grinding? For every gamer and hardcore streamer, it is time to level up your comfort by getting the perfect gaming chair in the market.

Gaming is one of the hobbies that help us cope with boredom during the quarantine. And for some, they were able to find a way to use the streaming platforms to earn for living. However, many have experienced discomfort through back pains. That is because they are using plastic chairs, stools, or uncomfortable sitting object.

If you were able to save some of your earnings through streaming, or if you are expecting a Christmas bonus, the best thing that you could spend it is for a gaming chair. You would need to take care of your back pain. Otherwise, it could get worst over time, which is costly than investing in the right product.

The production of the gaming chair increases since the quarantine, so how do you choose the right chair for you?

Here, we will guide you through the factors to consider in buying a gaming chair, which you can find at, for your comfort and bringing your experience to another level.

Gaming Chair Buyer’s Guide:

1. The material used in the gaming chair

Gaming chairs are nowhere cheap, but the prices vary on the materials used. That is why knowing the materials the chair is made of an essential factor to consider first. We will specify the price level of the gaming chair materials below.

1st – Genuine leather

These gaming chairs are using high-quality leather made from animal rawhide, which makes it the most expensive option. At the same time, these are ultra-durable chairs, and you will feel an extra neck and back comfort while you enjoy the long hours of gaming and streaming.

Yet, you need to understand that some leather materials are actually false imitations, such as PU and PVC leather (coming next).

Average price: High | $500+

2nd – PU (polyurethane coating) leather | PVC (polyvinyl chloride) leather

Both chairs are using semi-leather and a mix of standard material, which is coming from the name itself. However, these are highly durable chairs and could offer you the comfort that you need. Additionally, you would want the authentic and elegant design of these chairs. You will feel like a real-pro gamer, and for streamers, it is the best option to attract more audience. Finally, these types of leather are easy to clean.

Average price: Medium | $300+

3rd – Fabric

It is the standard material found in most office and gaming chairs. What makes a fabric chair the best choice is that it is soft compared to the leathers. Fabric is a far better option if you do not have an AC or living near the equator (always warm).

Average price: Low to Medium | $200+

4th – Mesh

Probably this material is the best for the budget gaming chair. It is the most breathable chair option and very comforting due to how flexible it can be. Sometimes, you could find an option that is below $100.

Average price: Low | $100+

2. Style

Most of the gaming chairs have a multi-purpose function and comfortable headrest. Like, you could recline it to your preferred position, ideal for long stretches of sitting. Plus, some gaming chairs have an armrest, and others don’t have it. It is also necessary if the chair has its lumbar support pads to ease your back pain.

3. Size

Of course, you need to consider the size of the gaming chair. You might suffocate yourself if it is too big, or you will not feel the comfort if it is too small.

4. Add-ons

Who doesn’t want freebies? That will make more value for your money. Usually, some gaming chair comes with its brand design cushion and pillow for additional comfort.

End words:

Gaming chairs are becoming essential for all levels of profession and hobbies. Playing games helped us a lot all year long. This Christmas season, you deserve a treat, and nothing is sweeter than investing in your long term need—upgrading your gaming setup.

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