Top 9 Voice Changer Software, 6th one My Favourite.

What a derivation from the technology, it is none other than voice changer software to change the pitch of a user’s voice! After Blogging Coffe has written content on different technology liable to make life easier, this new technology has made sure to change the voice offering numerous sound effects and voices, to the users. Now let us make a precise discussion on how Voice Changer Apps can record audio and share the same with other people via social media websites or Gmail. 

In this app, one can manually change the pitch, frequency, and tone other aspects of your voice which senses great, exclusively if you are into gaming/streaming services. If you look for Best voice changer software, then your search ends right here. In this blog, we have picked top 10+ Voice changer apps with their necessary features. The list consists of best video changing software. So, find the best one below:

1. Voicemod:


This is a perfect tool with more notable list of voice filters. You may choose from a wide-ranging range of voice effects that can come with both fun and useful uses. If you wish to make your voice sound like a robot, this app can assist you do that. Also if you wish to add a daunting baritone to your voice, the tool will be helpful for you.

The tool is stunningly comprehensible, manages in concurrently, and is unequivocally free across all Windows platforms. Although the software works for discord, you can also make use of it on Skype, and other online chat or streaming platforms.

Features of Voicemod:

  • Comprehensible interface.
  • Available on Windows PC, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • Live voice effect demos.
  • Compatible with all modern games and apps.
  • Supports WAV or MP3 file formats.
  • Compatible with chat servicing software.
  • Free on Windows.     


2. VoiceMeeter:


VoiceMeeter is perfect to cater principally to the advanced users. If you are not satisfied with the voice effects provided by software, then you can go for this app and get an audio effect that goes well with your preference. 

Working with this app is truly no child’s play, so do we only suggest it to the users who keep the methodical awareness about audio mixing apps. If complexity can be reckoned as its foremost weakness, its awareness in building an adapted new audio effect is its most well-regarded selling point. So it is prudent to now it finest voice changer app.

Features of VoiceMeeter:

  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Supports KS, DX, ASIO, MME, WDM interfaces.
  • Free to use.

3. Voxal Voice Changer:

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal is really the great voice changer software that aids you to adjust your voice on almost any gaming/chat platforms available online. It executes this job well. The tool beats its users with a never-ending alternative to modify the voice. You can sound like a girl in few seconds. Aside from being a boundless voice modulator for discord, it executes astonishingly well when matching with video games, or online avatars. The voice change is so astonishing that it assists users to retain namelessness when acting on podcast/ radio.

Maybe the top part about this app is the fact that it doesn’t involve unceasing meddling with its setting and arrangements for each and every application. The similar settings can be used totally for the best results.

Features of Voxel:

  • Short CPU usage.
  • Applies effect in real-time.
  • Produces custom voice effects.
  • Universal settings for all applications.
  • Selects from a range of sound effects.

4. Voice Changer:


The app is a perfect voice changing app. It gives you few simple alternatives. You can either upload an audio file, and yank with it, make use of it via a microphone to cover your own voice, or produce speech from text. The app promptly hails you with all forms of voice effects on its welcome page.

The voices array from a generic baby, or a girl voice to the common movie and cartoon voices. This can be engaged well in your gaming sessions online or while chatting with your friends online. With its unique features, you can find it the best free voice changer app.

Features of Voice Changer:

  • Check voice effect demo.
  • Speech originator.
  • Upload and tweak the audio.
  • Alter and disguise voice on a microphone.

5. Voice Changer with Effects:

Voice Changer with Effects

This is exactly aimed for the android users. As a voice changer, the tool is actually simple to install and use. You get an alternative to veil your voice with an arrangement of alternatives, while also increasing effects for an untainted fun. The tool lets you to import pre-recorded sound and tweak it to your pleasure. 

The app is really packed with about 39 diverse voice effects to employ. This can operate proficiently with chat applications on android. After all, you may consider it best app for online voice changer to girl.

Features of Voice Changer:

  • Place caller tunes.
  • Produce speech from text.
  • Bring in pre-recorded audio.
  • Part end-result on social media.

6. AV Voice Changer Software:

AV Voice Changer Software

The app lets you to alter each aspect of your voice and generate it completely grotesque to your listeners. You can sound like anything you wish for, a woman, or a child. This offers you with an arrangement of voice likings, and voice effects to select from, which really assist you create an irreplaceable voice every time you make use of this application.

Driven with the virtual audio driver technology, the app immediately adds with exactly all forms of chat applications, and role-playing games. You can work this app to disguise your voice on Skype, Discord, and other same platforms. With this feature, it is wise to call it best free voice changer app.

Features of AV Voice Changer:

  • Voice editors.
  • Voice recorder.
  • Voice and file Morpher.
  • Build custom sound effects.

7. Super Voice Editor:

Super Voice Editor

This app is a cool voice editor that logs and edits your voice to sound finally unnatural. You can simply generate edits to your recorded voice and change it to sound like a baby, or a famous superhero character you look for.

The app also impersonates as an unbelievable mp3 cutter and audio editing tool. It lets you to add voice effects to your uploaded audio, and reduce your mp3 audio clip. The tool can also slightly transform your choral voice to generate it sound more lyrical than it normally would have.

Features of Super Voice Editor:

  • Mp3 cutter.
  • Audio editor.
  • Audio tuner.
  • Voice recorder.

8. Discord:


This app explains itself as an amusement app, and with one appearance at its gallery of voice effects, you can apprehend the reason. Discord shows a gigantic gallery of voice effects that can be used to masquerade your voice.

The alternatives consist of a chance to generate you sound like an extra-terrestrial being, or any of your favourite pop-culture characters. It engages a fresh and wide-ranging interface that lets users to simply get the sound effect they are searching to.

Features of Discord:

  • Indefinite distinctive voice effects.
  • Clean and smart user interface.
  • Relates sound effects in real-time.
  • Produces and saves an amended voice.

9. MorphVox:


This aces only on its ability to offer crisp quality audio output while not placing a burden on the CPU. The tool goes to this point as to simulate your own voice to generate finest sound effects.

This app is also relentlessly embryonic. Besides its common features, the app now presents MP3 reading, repairing files in the same folder, better list administration, plug-in support, and numerous user support. This is also entertaining to use. You can add background music, while working together with your friends online. Moreover, you can increase a numeral of fantastic sound effects to enhance the global experience.

Features of MorphVox:

  • Selects from an arrangement of high-quality audio effects.
  • Dispatches sound effects with fast keys.
  • Ultra-quiet background invalidation.
  • Improved for online game streaming.


Voice changer apps are very fun tools to have, which also have some useful reasonable purpose to them. These apps can be an abundant way to permit time and astound your friends online. If you are searching for a Voice Changer compatible across chat applications and gaming platforms online, then you may find one of best free voice changer apps mentioned above. So what to wait for? Pick one of them and ease changing voice. 

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