Vuuzle Media Corp (VMC) Awarded Ajman Media Free Zone License Allowing Vuuzle TV to Produce Movies, Distribute News, Sell and Distribute Premium Television, including SPO



Vuuzle Media Corp’s CEO, Ted Joseph is set to put their new media free zone license to good use for people in the Emirates. He states that it’s very important for everyone to have immediate access to the best possible TV that will be out there. And Vuuzle Media Corp does provide a complete package with great results and some pretty impressive features to begin with.

Dubai has a great location, it’s right between Middle East, Africa and South Asia. That alone has made it a great hub where people can go and access the content and stuff they want at their own convenience. It’s a very good opportunity from a business standpoint and it’s certainly bringing in some rather interesting and enticing as well as exciting features that a lot of people will appreciate and enjoy when it comes to this stuff.

The free zones in Dubai are great for media businesses. That’s why lots of these companies tend to thrive more often than not. Right from the beginning the community started to incorporate large media giants. And the Ajman Media City free zone in particular is widely known to be one of the better places to conduct business and bring in some astonishing results and benefits, so it’s an extremely important place and location to explore and keep in mind when it comes to this kind of stuff.

With that in mind, the license allows Vuuzle Media Corp to gain access to the media city free zone for 20 years and that will work really well in the long run. The media city free zone license offers a plethora of options, and in the long run it will make it easy for Vuuzle Media Corp to bring in some resounding results and tremendous benefits for customers all over this region.

Ted, the CEO states that Vuuzle Media has the potential to offer a plethora of great features like VR, AR, gaming and live streaming into a complete and very powerful package. This has the potential to change a whole lot of things, and it’s quite an astonishing achievement that everyone will want to acquire and have in the long  run.

The subscription is designed to be very affordable, and the fact that there are special services and premium channels means you can customize and adapt everything to suit your needs in any way that you see fit. It’s one of those things that have the potential to adjust and explore new opportunities and you will be incredibly happy with the way everything works and the features that you will enjoy again and again all the time. The idea with Vuuzle is to have a system that brings you plug and play entertainment to your home. This potential is already here, so it all comes down to users to try it out and expand on the promise to adapt everything to their needs. The results can be staggering!

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