WhatsApp started showing ads to all users: Here it is how ads are visible

Those things, which became known a few months ago, began to come true. Today, September 29, 2018, in the last test assembly of the WhatsApp messenger, the release of the final version of which will happen in the first half of October, there was an advertisement. It can not be disabled, however, according to rumors, soon Facebook will introduce into the application a special paid subscription, which users can protect against spam and any advertising.


As reported by the profile resource WABetaInfo, in the messenger WhatsApp for the first time there was advertising, which is shown to all users without exception. A similar innovation was found in the latest version of the iOS operating system application, which became available for testing just hours ago. It cannot be said that this was a big surprise, because Facebook reported the desire to implement advertising in the world’s most popular service for communication in May.

Whatsapp : New Labeling Forwarded Messages feature

Currently, advertising is shown in the “Status” section, that is, it will be constantly visible to all users who want to see information about who they are communicating with. Good in all this of course there is nothing. Moreover, even the creator of the WhatsApp messenger, Brian Acton, who recently left the company, strongly condemns Facebook for wanting to add a bunch of ads to the most convenient and popular service among users for communication. It is for this reason that he left Facebook, which absorbed the messenger in 2014 for more than $ 2 billion dollars.

Whatsapp update_ Labeling Forwarded Messages

It is expected that in the next test build WhatsApp for Android, which should be released in the coming days, will also be advertising. Worst of all, when adding advertising to the “Status” section, developers will not exactly stop, because Facebook has bestial appetites for money. As you know, the more advertising anywhere, the more money a person receives who has posted it. All users will begin to see advertising in October, that is, very soon.

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