5 Benefits of SMSF Administration Services

SMSF Administration Services

Do you find managing your trust difficult? You are not alone. As of March, about 1 million SMSF Australian members want to achieve maximum returns and strive to go through the massive paper works that often come with maintaining self-managed super funds (SMSF). You may initially think you can handle everything yourself, only to find out you are operating at a loss because of steep administration costs. Here are five benefits of SMSF administration services that will prompt you to change sails.

1. Cost Efficiency

Choose companies that provide suite SMSF solutions running on web-hosted platforms. Where possible, choose an administration company with available subscriptions or group pricing schemes to maximize savings. Because you do not need to download software, you save on installation and maintenance costs. 

You have several options for SMSF administration companies that run online. An online business model passes on savings to clients as it removes costly labor-intensive tasks like generating reports and interpreting data. In a way, it also prevents financial losses as the software allows automated generation of financial statements (e.g., profit and loss statements and balance sheets) and scheduled depreciation calculation. 

While you entrust the administration of your funds to a company, you should not stop educating yourself on how to become a better portfolio manager. 

2. Convenience

A day only has 24 hours, leaving you with roughly 18 waking hours to be spread over your long list of daily errands. Your limited time hinders you from making the strategic decisions for your retirement investment. SMSFs, after all, require several reports with strict deadlines and varying rules.

You are wise to set up an account with SMSF administration service companies like SuperConcepts. The company’s online platform is accessible 24/7. You can sort your tax reports at night. With automation and smart file management, you can peacefully sleep at night, knowing your legal documents have been sorted.

3. Accuracy

An error in decimals could be a deal-breaker in fund management. If you choose to run data on spreadsheets alone for critical investment decisions, instead of investing in smart applications, then you are likely to commit errors.

Smart fund management platforms know the value of accurate reporting. Often, they include over a hundred data integrity checks to automatically remove errors, leaving users with more time to focus on strategic tasks. They likewise present reports in a manner that is easy to read and understand. Sometimes, poorly presented reports can be a cause of mix-ups.  

4. Progressive Technology

2020 witnesses an increase in people’s reliance on digital platforms. As a response to the digital shift, companies are exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to run platforms smartly and efficiently. Big names like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are now utilizing machine learning to offer advanced features in their respective platforms.

The use of AI is also relevant in fund management as it makes bulk filing convenient as it reads, indexes, and files your uploads in a few easy clicks.    

5. Expert Handling

The success of high-performing service applications is often a result of the hard work and expertise of the team working in the back-end. Choose a company that maintains back-office SMSF services by highly trained and technical staff with diverse expertise. 

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