9 Best Android TV Apps for Your Android TV You Must Know.

Android TV is quite prevalent now, as it provides an astounding app collection from thousands of free to download apps from the android TV Play Store. Now the app collection on android TV has been so vast that we have selected some of the finest apps you can try out on any android TV and android TV box. These apps are well-suited with both android TV and android TV box, so you can simply install apps on Mi box, google chrome cast, or any other prevalent android TV box. So, let’s check out the top 9 best android apps for android TV you can install.

1. Kodi:

Kodi is one of the exceptional Android TV apps. This is an HTPC UI that regulates all of your local music and video content. There is also a collection of channels for things such as video streaming, although some channels aren’t really permissible. At any rate, this is an admirable place to accomplish many stuff that you can’t achieve through the TV natively or stuff you can achieve but it’s not boundless. This is our first recommendation if you have local music and video that you wish to play on Android TV. This is also completely free and open source.

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2. Plex: 

Plex remains one of the best. Its main determination is to play videos from your system or phone to your TV. It similarly works with other kinds of files like photos, music, and more. The app also lets streaming from many cloud storage sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. There are even more plugins to form your experience even better. For example, Plex partnered with Crackle a while back so you can truly stream ad-supported movies and TV shows.

3. Total Commander:

Total Commander is one of the best Android TV apps and is one of our picks for the best Android file managers and it is the finest solution for Android TV immediately. The app can do essentially everything you need it to perform, as well as browse files, side-load apps, and just accomplish your stuff. It also has a built-in media player for audio and video files, so you can kill three birds with one stone here if you wish to watch local stuff occasionally. It also backs FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and LAN servers for networking support. The Android TV UI also comprises a dual-panel setup for easier administration. 

4. TVUsage:

TVUsage is one of the newer Android TV apps, reasonably speaking. It announces digital comfort features to Android TV. You can truly view quite some stats with this, as well as your everyday and weekly practice habits. There are some other features too. For example, you can limit your everyday screen time limit and get reminders when it’s time to break watching TV. Furthermore, it can pin lock any Android TV app, reject apps if you wish to track usage, and some other things. This one is wonderful new so it possibly has some bugs, but it worked well in our testing for the most part.

5. VLC:

VLC is one of the steadiest, and dependable video players on Android. It also operates quite well with Android TV. It allows you to view most local video content. The app also operates with music files, but the UI isn’t quite set up for that and it may not be the most all-in-one experience. At any rate, the app supports subtitles, has an audio equalizer, and more. We said it’s not excessive for music, but there aren’t any truly good music players on Android TV so we mention VLC first for local music playback too. Thereby, you may consider VLC best to enjoy videos. Though you may download Android TV apps, this is a very reliable app to make your watching experience smoother and easier.    

6. Wake On Lan:  

Wake On Lan is a very inimitable Android TV app. It allows you to wake your system, NAS storage, etc. from your Android TV device with just a click. If that didn’t build sense, that’s satisfactory. This one is a bit more for the tech practicality than most apps. With the aptitude to awaken your system or NAS storage, you can just break, turn your stuff on in one location, and watch your stuff without any extra work. The application can’t place devices back to sleep. On the other hand, there are behaviors to systematize that on your PC anyhow. We absolutely suggest this one.

7. Spotify:

Spotify is also a famous option on the Android platform. You may sign in to view and play your favorite songs on your Android TV. Inappropriately, you won’t get numerous settings such as changing the streaming quality as you would get on the Spotify Android app. On the happy side, the free app on Android TV supports Spotify connect, which requires you can instantly switch audio playback from your phone to Android TV or vice versa. Not to remark, Spotify has billions of songs to pick from.

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8. Hulu:

Hulu is an Android TV app with a diverse idea as it lets you to watch lots of shows, movies, and series via a vast number of channels supporting Live TV like NBC, Disney Channel, FOX, and others for a monthly subscription. It comes with a great bespoke and prepared interface with a number of its original shows and series like Harlots, the Handmaid’s Tale and others with lots of kids’ series. You can execute a lot with Hulu application for Android TV like recording Live TV and endure watching via multiple devices. And for sports lovers, you can pursue and record games of your favorite teams via My Teams feature.

9. Iflix:  

Iflix offers you a big number of movies, shows, and series but with a little different, it comes with no free trial period. This Android TV application is free to use with some ads, and you can always upgrade to a Premium account to enjoy premium content like Live sports and events without ads. You may watch on any device and stream on 2 devices simultaneously with support of Android TV, and you can download to watch your content offline.

In this blog, the sheer range of available apps requires that Android TV is right for everyone, even if you’re not an Android smartphone user. There isn’t a better cord-cutting solution on the market right now. After you have gone through the best and free Android apps, it will be easier for you to know and download free Android TV apps.  

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