How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80200053?

We frequently upgrade our running operating system to the newer Build versions so as to know the exhilarating features and alterations. This all goes into unproductive the moment we begin encountering bugs and problems which is pretty general on Windows 10. Nowadays, in this blog by BloggingCoffe, we are going to talk about one such error – “0x80200053“, the likely causes, and the working solutions. This bug goes with an error message as well that reads “BG_E_VALIDATION_FAILED”.

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Generally, the firewall or third-party antivirus programs intrude while upgrading the Windows 10 OS to the modern Build versions. So, it’s good to first deactivate them and re-try to install the modern security patch. If the error continues even after this, use Update Troubleshooter, run SFC, reset Windows Update Components. If none cracks the error code 0x802000053, make a note of the incomplete “KB” number and manually install the Standalone package visiting the Update Catalog. Let’s discover the solutions in detail.

1. Disable Third-Party Antivirus

If you are utilizing a third-party antivirus program, then this may unconsciously block Windows Updates. Thus, it is better to restrict the application temporarily and try to upgrade Windows 10 Build OS. In addition, ensure to momentarily deactivate the Windows Firewall too as this may intrude while apprising the operating system.

Note: Windows Security functions good in coping with malware and online threats. Hereafter, we recommend switching to this application rather than using third-party apps on your system.

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2. Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Microsoft takes in a great utility program that can fix some update-related issues on the system. If you are coming across Windows Update Error 0x80200053 error on your system, you should undeniably give this a try:

  • Launch the Windows Settings UI (WinKey + I)
  • Choose Update & Security thereafter Troubleshoot
  • Head over to the right section and do a Click to increase “Windows Update”
  • When the box increases, hit “Run the troubleshooter”
  • Now, follow the onscreen instruction to accomplish the lasting steps
  • Once it gets over, reboot your system so as to implement the recent changes

Note: Windows 10 2004 users should rather hit “Additional Troubleshooters” first subsequently “Windows Update” on the consequent screen.

3 Make Use of SFC Utility to Fix Error 0x80200053

Many a time, this Windows update error appears due to the presence of corrupt system files. In such situations, you need to first alter the missing/outdated files then attempt upgrading the current OS Build version. Here are the steps to work on:

  • Start Command Prompt with administrative privileges. To execute so, press (Win + R), type “cmd” at the void, and hit “Ctrl + Shift + Enter” keys together
  • On the raised prompt, enter scannow, and hit Enter. Expect a while as this takes a few minutes to accomplish the scanning/repairing procedure
  • After the scan is complete, restart your system so as to firm the changes active
  • From the next login, try to update Windows 10 Operating system to the modern Build version
  • If you are still getting the update error, go down to the next solution

4. Reset Windows Update components

Since you have already accomplished the above method, there should not keep on any issue with system files. However, there is an option that the Update Components have become corrupted in some way and are stopping an Operating System upgrade. To get rid of this issue, you must do “Reset Windows Update Components” following the below steps:

  • Start the Run dialog (Win & R), enter services.msc, and hit OK
  • At the next screen, go down to Windows Update
  • Do a Right-Click on the same and click “Stop” to momentarily deactivate this service
  • Extend to the below location and clear all the contents that lie inside the folder
  • Henceforward, re-visit the Services window, and begin the “Windows Update” service
  • Finally, reboot the computer and check whether you can update your Windows Operating System normally or not

5. Install Newest Collective Update Manually

If none of the solutions above fix the Windows Update Error 0x80200053, then it is time to manually install the incomplete cumulative updates. However, before proceeding ahead, you must tell the “knowledge base” number so as to originate a search. Here is how to continue:

Part 1: Know the “KB” number 

  • Do a Right-Click on the Win icon and hit the gear icon
  • Executing so will launch the Windows Settings User Interface 
  • Choose Update & Security then Windows Update
  • Press to the right pane and hit “View Update history”

Part 2: Download/Install the Standalone Package manually

As you already identify the LCU number that you are going to install, follow the below guideline:

  • Open up any web browser and visit Update Catalog
  • Go to the search bar and enter the “KB” number you copied earlier
  • When a list having the matching results comes into view, scroll down, and find the patch that fits as per your system style
  • Once you search the cumulative update, hit the Download button next to it
  • When a new window containing the standalone package seems instantly subsequently, tap the top link
  • Open the download folder and do a Click twice on the setup file to apply it to your system
  • At large, this takes a few minutes to accomplish installing new Build Operating System, so wait accordingly

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That’s it, we hope you would not get back the Windows Update Error 0x80200053 on your system any sooner. If you have any queries or suggestions related to this blog, send us your comments. We always try to update you on technologies related to PC, gaming, MS and other latest technologies that mean to ease your working style. In this piece of content, we have tried to let you know how Error Code 0x80200053 can keep your system under trouble.  

Furthermore, we have mentioned solutions related to fix this issue easily. We hope these points would have helped you to get rid of this bug. So, what to wait for? Just keep on reading blogs at our blogging platform – BloggingCoffe. We cover every topic about technologies, be it Windows, PC, Mobile, or all other technologies important to have eased our lives.      

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