Most Exotic Places in Morocco for Travelers

Morocco is a country full of splendid places, simply breathtaking panoramas. Moustache offers you a well-illustrated list of places to discover all over the Kingdom in less than three minutes. Fantastic places that will surely make you want to leave everything to visit. Your turn to judge!


Souks: Local Markets

There are Souks everywhere: from Marrakech to the borders of the countryside. It’s very similar to a flea market here. In Marrakech, they can be visited by bus. We then have time to make the first two boutiques that have nothing to do with the Souk but which look like two drops of water at the barracks of memory at the foot of the Eiffel Tower or Mont St Michel. Or you spend a whole day wandering the alleys, the alleys, the courtyards, the smells, according to the mood in Morocco holidays.

The more one loses oneself, the more one sees things: the women who sell bread, the young man who sells olive oil to the glass, the coal merchant who sells his products to the kg, and so on. There is no risk of getting lost except in the local population.  Are there any risks in visiting the souks? Less than on any market in France!

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Todra: Todra Gorges

A 300-meter-high rocky bar closes the valley. A saw stroke causes a passage from 20 to 100 m wide over 500 m long. It is the most visited place of Morocco to visit several times, at different times and times. A good solution: arrive very early in the morning, with a book and spend the day reading by the water.

Evolution: since 1998, the gorges have passed from the primitive and wild site to the ordinary road by the transformation of the track into a paved road. If the macadam is of first necessity for the inhabitants of the upper valley, Tamtatoucht, and Ait-Hani, what is the … (put his favorite word, mine is not flattering) who invented to build a kind of bridge Very weak on the ford downstream of the gorges? If the King decides to create the national medal of ridicule, he can bestow it first on the person who invented the bridge. And I’m not the only one of this opinion!

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The road dresses the whole valley without deforming or disfiguring it. If it is true that tourists have lost “a nice track to do in 4×4”, in return for the benefits for the inhabitants, there is no picture. We had to go that route. But why this ridiculous bridge? Accommodation: nearby, less than 5 km away: Amazing Hotel

Jemaa el Fna: Mythical Place of Marrakech

That does not tell. It is lived. You have to arrive before 6 pm. spend the evening at the terrace of a cafe on the edge of the square and see, listen, feel, etc.  The show is every day.

Another show: during the day, come for lunch Chegrouni cheese and admire the tourists who come to visit the souks by bus: it’s pitiful to see them go out in Indian file or two by two of the bus, all behind the guide and back 35 minutes 25 seconds later with a small bag in his hand, always in single file. If, they are the ones who “made” the souks of Marrakech!


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Majorelle: Villa Majorelle in Marrakech

A few steps from the medina of Marrakech, the house whose garden was laid out by Majorelle, decorator Nancy. Lush garden. The interest of the visit very variable according to the season: this can be magnificent. Attention: this closes during midday and early in the evening. Equivalent in France when you visit in Morocco Family holidays.

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