My All-Time Favorite Spread While Traveling – Banoffe Spread From Masala Monk

One thing I miss the most while I’m away from home travelling for work is the delicious homemade food. The flavours which are there in mom’s food aren’t found in any 5-star restaurant also! I usually get packed lunch boxes whenever I leave home but that is just for travel and finish soon. When I heard about Masala Monk and their delicious homemade products, I could not wait to try them. I wanted to feel the warmth of home made food while away from home. And then, one day I surprisingly received this cute package from them and it contained my favorite dessert turned into a spread which I could carry with me anywhere I go and use with almost anything I eat!


Banoffee pie is usually the first thing I look for in the menu wherever I go. Yes, I scroll through the desserts page first and then return to starters! No matter how weird it might sound for you, but this is my love for banoffee pie. It combines my two favorite things- banana and toffee. I had never imagined that this dessert could be made into a spread. So when I received this cute little package from masala monk containing a jar of banoffee spread, my happiness knew no bounds! If you are also a fan of this delectable dessert, then this banoffee spread jar should be tried by you. It can be easily purchased from Masala Monk.

Why should you try out this banoffee spread?

Vikas Aggarwal makes this delicious banoffee spread with lots of love a home only. You can use it over pies, biscuits, waffles, toasts or even ice creams! The aroma as well as the taste, both are divine. It will surely make you lick your fingers. Trust me, I did! It just put me into a deep, thoughtful conversation with myself, how can something be so tasty! It just melts in your mouth and feels perfect. The texture, color, taste, everything is apt. Even though it is homemade with no added preservatives, it will last with you for months if refrigerated properly. This banoffee spread by Masala monk will make every dessert just as tasty as a banoffee pie, and who wouldn’t want that?

Since I have already mentioned my undying love for banoffee pie, you might feel that my review is biased but let me assure you that its nothing like that! This banoffee spread from Masaka Monk looks like any other ordinary jam or spreads which you might have used. It’s a good way by which you can take along with you the fantastic flavors of banoffee pie everywhere you go. It is a unique idea, but the makers have left no stone unturned to make it successful.

The best part is it is homemade, so you don’t have to worry about added preservatives and ill health effects because of harmful chemicals. Its made fresh after you place your order and will be delivered to your home soon . Handpicked bananas are carefully blended and mixed with butter, salt, sugar, and milk to create this iconic flavor which will melt in your mouth so quickly.

I have been using it for a few weeks now, and it still tastes as good as it did on the first day. It goes well with almost anything and everything. This banoffee spread can make every otherwise boring tart or donut, hundred times more likable! I am sure that I would order many more of these jars and would recommend everyone to give it a try.

Also, the cute little packaging of the product will make you fall in love with it. It’s simple and yet so artistic in its way. The use of a glass bottle is a smart choice over plastic.

Overall, Vikas Aggarwal, who himself is a food blogger, has done an incredible job with this product. Everything seems perfect! The flavors are well balanced, the aroma is fantastic, and its price is pocket-friendly. As a user, I would not ask for anything more! This homemade banoffee spread has found a permanent place in my refrigerator for sure. You should also not miss out on this exquisite product by the Masala Monk. They have been winning hearts by their unique homemade product ideas, and this one is undoubtedly another hit!

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