Top Reasons why Solo Traveling is the Best

“You go away for a long time and return a different person- you never come all the way back”, great words by Paul Theroux. Someone has rightly said that the key to eternal happiness is spending money on experiences rather than on materialistic things and traveling to new places is definitely the best way to gain more and more experiences. Hey, what about planning a solo trip? Well, there’s nothing exciting than exploring the world on your own, discovering the real you, and of course, letting yourself to expand your horizons. The best part is once you know how to carry yourself on a solo trip, you’ll get hooked with the method forever. My last solo trip was for Thailand and Singapore and then I learnt that how its best to travel alone, but before going somewhere, ensure your packing list. So, Unsure about giving it a shot? You can get various travel guide on and here are some of the top reasons that’ll help you believe why solo traveling is the best.

Absolute Freedom

If you’re going on a solo trip for the first time, it might look weird traveling without anyone to you. Do not ever let yourself think much about the same because you’re going to make new friends on your solo venture and trust me, it is absolutely easy. Approaching the locals and fellow travelers is much easier than you think, you will be enjoying your complete freedom, and can do anything whenever and whatever you want. You never know you might fall for someone out there and there’ll be nothing to stop you from staying as long as you want to.



No more permission

While traveling with a group of friends or family, you need to select specific activities in order to make sure that everyone will love it. In case, if any of the activity doesn’t work out, it might spoil everyone’s vacation mood. But there’s no way of guilt on a solo trip because you’ll be choosing things just for you. Also, that’s the perfect way discover a new you who can make their own decisions and can get out of their comfort zone. So, no more guilt or conflict. Just be yourself and try whatever you want. After all, you won’t be able to remain unhappy with yourself for a long time (in case, your decision went wrong).

Total financial control

Well, budgeting can become a headache when it comes to traveling in a group or with a partner. But being a solo traveler, it allows you to spend on whatever thing you want. You want that expensive hotel room with the best views? Just book it. You want to spend on different kind of cuisine available there? It’s all your money so taste them all. You only want to be at a club which has free entry? Please go. All in all, every decision related to money will be yours, thus no more pleasing everyone in the group.


Increases your confidence

I remember my first solo trip when I was so scared because of the fear of not having someone on my side and the feeling of being lonely haunted like a nightmare. You might experience the same but that’s the point of life when you need to show your decisiveness and have to figure out how to get out of the XYZ situation. That way, traveling alone helps to enhance your confidence and help you believe in your own ways to overcome difficulties. Also, it not only makes you self-reliant while traveling but in real life as well.

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confidence increase

Greater awareness of your surroundings

When you’re alone on a venture, you’re more likely to observe each and every thing going on around you that makes you even more aware about the surroundings, giving you a rich and worthy traveling experience. The best part is you can spend hours gazing out of bus or train’s window checking out all the scenic views on your way that you might miss while traveling with someone else or talking to your partner. Wait, shall I share a secret with you? The ideal way to travel solo and surely the ideal way to explore a country thoroughly is traveling by train. Almost everything is possible on a train, be it talking to new people for long hours, having a good meal, reading your favorite book, playing cards and much more.

So, this was all about the benefits of traveling solo. I believe these life-changing reasons should be pretty convincing. If yes, I am sure some questions would have probably hit your mind like how to go for a solo trip, what are the things I need to keep in mind while traveling, or from where should I start? Relax, we have got your back with these really helpful tips you need to remember while on your solo trip.

  • Just be open to what comes your way and that includes talking to new people, making some instant decisions, and since no one will be there to stop you from anything, so JUST DO what you want to do.
  • If you’re a first-timer, your thoughts must be full of expectations and recommendations. Forget about everything and try every possible thing out there. Be safe and know your strengths and preferences.
  • Get up early and witness what there is to look for. Always keep your camera ready, look around and learn new things. Do not waste your time sitting back in a hotel or running after free Wi-fi. After all, you want to take beautiful memories on your way back home. Don’t you?
  • If you’re an adventurer by heart and want to explore the unexplored. Let yourself go on that offbeat track and get indulged into things you normally wouldn’t do with others.

Remember, there’s no hard and fast rule of traveling alone. Make sure you travel on the ground, travel alone whenever it’s possible and keep a record or notes of everything. That’s it. Don’t be afraid to take that first step becasue once you take it, you’ll love it beyond any doubt.

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