Must-Try Monsoon Foods in Jaipur

The beautiful rainy season has hit Jaipur and we can’t stop thinking about relishing the mouth-
watering delicacies. Monsoon brings along with it the lovely weather and scenic views, making it just
the perfect time to gorge on some yummy delights. If you happen to be in the Pink City during
monsoons, you’ll find a lot of places where you can savour lip-smacking delicacies and satiate your
irresistible craving for good food. From eateries that are there in every nook and corner to top
restaurants and luxury resorts, you can savour sizzling, rich delicacies everywhere to enjoy the rainy
season to the fullest.

Here we list down the all-time favourite dishes that you must-try in Jaipur
during monsoon:

1. The Appetizing Bhuttas:

bhutas Corn

Bhuttas (corn sticks) are synonymous to the monsoon. Come rainy season
and you’ll see streets and markets full with road side vendors selling appetizing, grilled bhuttas.
Spiced with a light mixture of red chilli, lemon and salt, this is undoubtedly one of the most loved
street foods during monsoon. It tastes even more yum when you savour it with your loved ones, in
an open space. So just head to a bhutta wala near you and enjoy stove-hot bhuttas in the rain. Make
sure it is garnished well with loads of spices and lemon juice.

2. Hot, Crispy Pakoras:

Fry Pattato

This is another favourite during the monsoon season. Fried and crispy, freshly
prepared pakoras served with steaming hot cup of tea is what all rain lovers crave for. And the
variety available makes it all the more popular among people. From potato, onion and corn stuffed
pakoras to mix veggies and bread pakoras, there is an amazing variety to choose from. Served with
delicious green mint chutney and tomato sauce, these are an inseparable part of the monsoon.
If you want to enjoy the monsoon in Jaipur to the fullest, make sure you try these yummy pakoras
on your trip.

3. Daal Baati:

rajasthan food daal baati

You cannot miss the signature delight of Rajasthan, Daal Baati, in the monsoon season.
Baatis are dumplings cooked over hot charcoal and made with millet or wheat flour and are served
with yellow dal and load of ghee. You can enjoy this lip-smacking delight in the market streets or the
popular restaurants. Do relish this yummy delicacy to enjoy the drizzling rains and make the most of
your monsoon in the beautiful Pink City.

4. Samosas and Kachoris:

samosa kachori

These drool-worthy snacks are a favourite all year round but are a must-try
during the monsoon season. Head to any street or market, you’ll find vendors selling tempting
samosas and kachori everywhere. If you are staying at a popular hotel like The Lalit Jaipur, you can
savour these yummy snacks in your hotel room as you soak in the amazing views of the rain
drenched city from your balcony or relish them any of the restaurants there. These top hotels offer
amazing Jaipur monsoon packages for their guests, giving them huge discounts (up to 20 per cent)
on food and drinks.

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