Top 10 MS Exchange Server Tools

Top 10 MS Exchange Server Tools in 2021

Microsoft Exchange Server comes with a few built-in tools and utilities to repair, recover, and restore an inconsistent or corrupt database and mailbox. For instance, EseUtil or Extensible Storage Engine Utility can help recover an inconsistent database from a Dirty Shutdown state, defragment the database, and check the integrity of the database to avoid corruption.  […]

Forest on PS4

Best Ways to Enjoy Playing games like the Forest on PS4

If you enjoy the thrill of survival games, games like The Forest won’t disappoint you. Adventure thrillers like The Forest PS4 is a horror-style survival game with challenging gameplay. As a lone survivor of a jet crash, you find yourself in a deep and mysterious forest. You get to explore various underground lakes and a network of […]

How to Check Your Mac’s Battery Cycles

How to Check Your Mac’s Battery Cycles?

This time, Blogging Coffe brings you a piece of content helpful to know about MacBook battery cycle. A charge cycle occurs when using all of the battery’s power, but doesn’t inescapably involve a single charge. For instance, you could make use of half of your notebook’s charge in a day, and then recharge it totally. […]

How to Back Up Your iPhone Photos?

Doing Backup the photos is essential, although not more than exhilarating task that all of us mobile photographers would execute. Having the best photo backup for iPhone at any rate will assist to stop eternal defeat of your images should you ever lose your iPhone. It also lets you to empty space on your phone, […]

Windows 10

How to add multiple time zone clocks to Windows 10?

The extra feature in the Windows family is to augment multiple time zone clocks. We can also make use of this feature in Windows 10 to add multiple time zone clocks. Through this ability, we can add two or more diverse time zone-clocks as we require. This feature offers us the facility where we are […]

Voice Changer Software

Top 9 Voice Changer Software, 6th one My Favourite.

What a derivation from the technology, it is none other than voice changer software to change the pitch of a user’s voice! After Blogging Coffe has written content on different technology liable to make life easier, this new technology has made sure to change the voice offering numerous sound effects and voices, to the users. […]