10 Best Places in India for Great Food!

If you love food and travel, then this post is for you. In today’s article, we are going to share with you some of the best places in India that serve mind blowing cuisine and dishes.

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To begin your journey, start with the best and that would be none other than the city of joy-Kolkata! Known for its street food, Indo-Chinese, the very famous Kolkata biryani and sweets, this city is a must for those who are open to variety. Do not forget to try their light and fluffy egg rolls, puchka, fish curries and sea food!

yummy street food in Kolkata


If you are deeply in love with sea food, Goa would be an amazing place to visit. The state boasts on serving the best prawn and fish curries and is known for its pork and beef vindaloo. From crabs to tuna to salmon to lobsters, you will find everything here that tastes heavly and delectable.

Sea Bass grilled in Butter and Garlic


Visit Kochi in Kerala if you want to taste the best of South Indian food. These guys too serve amazing sea food you will not regret trying. Their appam with stew happens to be a star dish while other delicacies such as prawn and egg curry are sought after the most.


Delhi happens to be a great destination for foodies. They serve delicious nihari, Haleem, biryani, kababs, parathas, golgappas, chole bhature, momos and so much more. In short, Delhi is a food paradise for all gastronomes.

Delhi street food taste

Arunachal Pradesh

To enjoy the best of North-Eastern dishes, visit Arunachal Pradesh. They offer a wide variety of delectable foods you cannot miss out on. Be it their thukpa, rice with meat and fish curries, these guys make their food unique!


Hyderabad is not just known for its biryani but also Turkish, Arabic and Mughlai food. Some of the best dishes to try here would be Mandi, KachheGosht Ki Biryani, Haleem, Paaya and sweets such as double ka meetha.


For daal-baatichoorma, lalmaas, kadhi or gate kisabzi, visit Rajasthan. They make the best thalis and are known to serve the best vegetarian dishes in India.

rajasthan food



Nothing less than a food paradise, Sikkim is for those who love dumplings, noodle soups and stews. A great place to visit during the summer season, Sikkim makes delicious Phagshapa and other delights you must taste.


Taste the best of Punjab at Amristar. The land of lassi, butter chicken, chole bhature and kababs has a lot more to offer than what you think. Do try their aloo paratha and chole kulche and you’ll know what we are saying!

amiritsar food


It would unfair to end the list without Mumbai. Better known as the land of vada pav and Irani cafes, this city offers you everything and anything. Be it the local pav bhaji on the streets or pizzas at a posh restaurant, this city serves you amazing food.


With that, we bring the post to an end. Make sure to visit all these places to enjoy the best of Indian cuisine.

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