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It is often said that food prepared at the hands of a mother has an unbeatable taste. However, from now on this saying can also be applied on a chai masala prepared back in the 1940’s by a lady whose grandchildren used to call her Ammiji. And that is how, her special recipe to add a soothing and comforting taste has been given the appropriate name- Ammiji’s chai masala.

masala chai

While, this was a sweet introduction of the product but it actually has spiced up recipe to add an optimum satisfaction to a cup of your favorite chai. So hang on a bit more and find out the blend of spices, comfort and health benefits, all coming from Ammiji’s chai masala.

Where Can You Find It?

Now that you are aware of this product and a fan of tea as well, I can make a guess that you must be thinking where can you find this chai masala. To be honest, I was myself quite intrigued when I got to know about it. So, I decided to try it and placed an order for the same through Masala Monk. The website at the time of placing the order read that the packet with the ultimate product will be delivered within a period of 2 weeks. And it was delivered within the stipulated time period.

Till now I was curious enough to try this and immediately opened the nicely sealed packet. And this point is important because the Ammiji’s chai masala is packed in a small but cute looking glass jar. So a secured packing was required and it didn’t seem that any compromise was made.

The next thing that I found was the aroma of the freshly prepared chai masala. It was strong and inviting at the same time. That is why, I moved towards the kitchen and prepared a cup of tea right away.

Ammiji’s Chai Masala With A Cup Of Tea

And this is the most important part and test of the homemade and handmade chai masala. Since I am writing a review for this product, I’ll try to share every detail observed at my end.

So not only the aroma was tempting but the taste was also amazing. I can say that yes it met my expectations and here’s what I found perfect about the taste.

My cup of tea had just reached the optimum level of satisfaction with a tint of comfort in it. The taste tells that the main ingredients of the chai masala are cardamom and cinnamon. I really didn’t have to check the label of the box or the bottle, the aroma as well as the zest can make you sure of it.

What’s more interesting is that adding like half a spoon of this masala didn’t make me alter the proportions of other ingredients of my tea. I added my desired amounts of milk, sugar and tea with Ammiji’s chai masala and that was it. No special instruction, no extra step just the perfect soothing taste.

Preparation of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

Now we are aware that the taste offered by this chai masala is self-effacing, get to know a little about it and how the authentic taste is achieved.

As mentioned earlier, Ammiji’s chai masala was handmade as well as homemade when it came into existence. However, till date it is prepared using the same method to procure the taste it promises.

They are fresh handpicked spices chosen to prepare the masala. Then from grinding them to mixing in the right portions and then packing in those glass jars, everything is done with utmost care.

Not just this, another step taken by the preparing team is that this chai masala is always prepared in small batches. There is no rushing at any step while preparing this to make sure the quality is best served and packed.

Ingredients Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

While Ammiji was experimenting with a long list of spices as ingredients, she was able to narrow down the list to three main components. They are cardamom, cinnamon and star anise.

This can be confirmed every single time when the glass jar of Ammiji’s chai masala is opened. I have been using this for quite some time now and the aroma is just as fresh I opened it the first time.

The Benefits Of Ammiji’s Chai Masala

There are mainly three variants of this chai masala to provide better immunity, improved digestion and vitality. I made a purchase for the vitality one and I think it is working fine till now. Every cup of tea that I take with Ammiji’s chai masala is refreshing and keeps me going through the day.

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